Friday, November 6, 2009

5th wedding anniversary

I can't believe it has been 5 years to the day since I walked down an aisle of grape vines, in the gorgeous Hunter Valley vineyards, to marry my best friend. Aside from the birth of my daughter, it was truly the most magical day of my life!

Sure, he knows nothing about music, can't be trusted to dress himself, loses everything he owns, is surgically attached to his mobile, and allows the Lab to drip his fur all over the passenger seat of the car...

... but after 5 years, here are 5 endearing things I continue to find charming about him:

1. He loves his work and has never once chucked a 'sickie'
2. He 'tucks' his beloved Labrador into his kennel at night
3. He remembers (mostly) to ask for skim milk when ordering my coffee
4. He has no particular aversion to the colour pink
5. He sneaks into the nursery when he knows he's not allowed, just to watch our daughter sleeping.

It's certainly a bumpy ride... but I'm hanging on! Happy anniversary, Nielsty.



  1. 6. he buys me the best bikes..

    congratulation to you and dan xxx

  2. Happy wedding anniversary! Loved seeing some of your wedding pics.

  3. Happy 5th Anniversary!!! Yay! You both make such a beautiful couple! :)


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