Friday, November 20, 2009

My Handmade Picnic Blanket

Last night was sort of momentous in the Cleary household... Fern, bless her, chose this night from any other over the last 3 months to sleep. All night. For 12 hours. Which meant we slept all night too. Well, at least until 5am until I could stand the suspense no longer and got up. Today I feel so awake, so invigorated, so ALIVE dammit that I can only imagine what a malfunctioning zombie I must have appeared over the last few months. It's all been a bit of a blur to be honest and I'm hoping this marks the start of a new chapter in this, our never-to-be-a-dull-moment first attempt at parenthood.

To celebrate my night of zzzz's, I decided to finish work on a picnic blanket I started last Christmas a little while ago. The idea was to create something a little more aesthetically pleasing than those hideous plastic-backed tartan numbers we seem to have accumulated (though I do not recall ever actually playing money for one.)


(do you like the picnic basket prop? Jonah my Lab in background with one half of my black Havaiana flip-flops)

Close up of patchwork.

I'm so proud of myself! Ok, so none of squares quite match up and the stitching is as dodgy as all buggery but I sewed it ALL BY MYSELF. And now Fern and I can lie out the back on sunny afternoons on our new blanket and maybe, just maybe this might deter my daughter from eating grass.... one can only hope.

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  1. Must have been so lovely to have a proper night's sleep. Your picnic blanket looks lovely - great job!


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