Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Gender Neutral Nursery Reveal...

Oh hello! Come inside and make yourself welcome...

Here she is, folks! The new nursery... all filled up with baby-esque debris. I debated whether or not to show it to you -- being gender neutral, I feel I got a bit confused somewhere in the middle! There are quite a lot of colours (a few more than originally intended) and, not being a 'neutrals' kinda girl, I really struggled with how to colour the room without it looking distinctly girly or boyish.

You be the judge on whether or not I succeeded; I sort of feel like the nursery is geared more towards a boy rather than a girl and certainly I'l make a lot of changes to it if a little sister for Fern pops out in 3 weeks time!

She isn't an expensive nursery; indeed a lot of the furniture is from Ikea and was given to me during our home photo shoot a few months back. Most of the rest of it I either made myself or 'borrowed' from Fern! I feel very lucky to have been given the cot and change table in particular -- saved us from either having to buy a second one or forcing Fern into a bed before she was entirely ready! To be honest, I've bought very little for this nursery as I know I'll end up changing it as soon as I know what I'm having. So, more as a record of posterity than anything else I'm sharing these pics with you today!

You'll notice I'm only showing you two sides of the room; that's because the other two are a work in progress. And will probably stay that way until the baby comes! And there are some blank spots on the shelves etc -- I know they'll fill up real fast so I'm in no hurry to buy more baby clutter before the baby comes.

Want to know more?
Visit here for stuff about the stripy wall.
And here for how I made the cot sheets.
And here for info about the fabric screens.

Without further ado, here are a few happy snaps of the nursery. I hope he/ she likes! -- enjoy! x

Long shot of the room

The cot...

Some visually stimulating balck/white artcards and a colourful mobile from Cocoon Couture hang above the cot on a lime green coat hook from Ikea (no longer avail).

My stripy and wall and artworks! LOVE print from Made by Girl.

The mobile - some cheapo rice paper lanterns and a blue polka dotted lantern I picked up from a stall at Mathildas Markets

Close up of some of the screens and LOVE print.

My rattan feeding chair (a rocking chair bought years ago from Ikea - no longer available) - super comfortable as I prefer no arms when I'm feeding. Recycled from Fern's room (she has my pink Eames rocker now, but not for long! I want it back!)

Don't you love this whimsical little orange lamp? It's from the children's range at Ikea. Blocks from Target. Softie from Alimrose Designs.

I made this little monkey softie. It is missing a tail because I was a little impatient and stuffed up the design somewhat. I decided to keep it anyway! The artwork in the frame is just some leftover colour paint samples I rejected when painting the nursery's stripey wall! Waste not, want not!

And there you have it. Well, two walls of it anyway. You'll have to wait til the baby is born to see the rest! I hope you enjoyed my little nursery tour! x


  1. Absolutely ADORABLE - I love the idea for the fabric screens - think I might copy/use :)! Great work!

  2. Oh well done my darling... looks great AND I think you have done a super job of keeping it gender neutral :) I am so excited to hear your news (and what his/her name will be)... bubba could come any day now so I will get in early and send you my best wishes now! Goodluck Nicole xo

  3. Wow....well done! It's looks like it comes out of a page of a magazine. Absolutely stunning!

  4. Heavens above Nicole, what a truly gorgeous and inviting space your little love is going to come home to. What a lucky child. You are super dooper clever. I know you feel it's more boy-y but it really doesn't look it and you can easily feminise later. I hope you're really proud cos you should be! x

  5. Just beautiful - Will add to my look book of inspiration ready for when I go to do my nursery.

  6. Wow.. LOVE it all. I feel its perfect for boy or girl. I am loving all things blue at the moment so my bubba (girl) will have a lot of blue in her room too.

    I cant wait to find out what you're having :) x

  7. Looks awesome Nicole! Definately different to the spare room I used to stay in!!

  8. Nicole, this is just so lovely! What a gorgeous room. I love the stripes, the fabric screens, the colours, and all the special little touches. Really nice job, well done!

  9. You've done a fantastic job. I can see one happy baby all cosy in that beautiful cot, gazing contentedly at the unique and special mobile. "My," that little baby will say. "Didn't I get lucky in the parent lottery!"


    I think it is a perfect nursery for either boy or girl!! HOW EXCITING!!!

  11. Amazing.....I can tell that alot of love and care has gone into that room. I L.O.V.E it. Have a happy week. x

  12. I love your nursery too! What a great job you have done - a positive, non-gender specific space. I look forward to hearing what sex your baby is (and if you tweak the nursery after the birth!)

  13. Oh it is simply gorgeous!! I love it! The colours are sensational, and yep, gender neutral :)

  14. It looks AMAZING Nicole!! I love every little detail and the colour scheme is fantastic. Love the flashcards and mobile near the cot and your embroidery hoop wall is great. You are so talented at decorating!! :)

  15. I love your nursery!! Just gorgeous!! Where did you get your polka dot giraffe? Absolutely adorable!

  16. I found your Blog on MadeByGirl!
    This nursery looks pretty amazing!
    Really nice job girl!;)
    Lovely greetings...

  17. saw this via madebygirl blog.
    how beautiful:) the yellow poster is the perfect compliment for the blue stripes.
    great blog, btw! i am now following

  18. Divine nursery.....love so much of it x

  19. I love blue stripes in the room. It looks really nice.



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