Thursday, May 20, 2010

Easy-As Artworks for the New Nursery!

Looking for a cost-effective but cute idea to adorn your nursery wall? Why not try making some embroidery screens! It's so easy anyone can do it; it's inexpensive and really you are only limited by your own imagination when it comes to colours, prints and fabric types.

Fern and I went out together and bought our fabric earlier this week, plus I used a few scrap bits I had lying about the house. The beauty of this artwork is that you can change your mind as often as you like and update the fabrics whenever the fancy strikes!

Because I don't know what I'm having, I tried to choose colours that might suit either a girl or boy. But once the baby is born, I'll probably add new colours to the mix, or perhaps even a printed silhouette! Or I could get creative and attempt the embroider the baby's name and birthdate etc... hmmm we'll see how much spare time I have once I have two terrors
gorgeous little ones to deal with.

Because I have bigger plans for this wall, I have just tacked the screens up temporarily to show you what they came out like. Next week, I'm going to attempt to paint the wall (in stripes! Bright turquoise ones!) and then put the artworks up more permanently, once I've played around with the layout a bit. I'm also contemplating adding a few more to the mix.

Sorry, the pic hasn't come out v big but I have a slightly-whingy Fern at my feet and no time to play around with it! What do you think?

ps. If anyone has any fail-safe tips for painting a stripy wall.... or has seen any instructions floating about on the web, would you please share? x


  1. I love this idea Nicole and what you've done looks great. I'd always thought I would like to try it in nursery #2 one day. I like the arrangement you've got but was thinking (remember I'm no expert though) perhaps switch the one on the right with the green one so it doesn't look singled out (that is unless that is what you were wanting). You are very brave with these stripes, can't wait to see the result! Happy painting :) xx

  2. Wonderful idea Nicole! I had planned to do the same embroidery hoop art if I had a girl.
    My friend did a strip wall. She gave me the tip of using a book or something the size you want the stripes in then take a pencil mark a line at the top, middle and bottom of the wall then keep going along using the book as your measurer then place the painters tape against the side of the mark etc. (Does that make sense? she said it wasn't as hard as it looked).

    Can't wait to see it! Have a great day with Miss Fern.

    p.s. thank you for giving me your bedroom paint colour, I love it.. just what I'd been picturing and will try and talk hubby into it! ;)

  3. I've painted my front sitting room in silver gray stripes (check out my blog for a look).
    Best advise is to get tape that is specific for walls (not masking tape like I've used before). Measure your stripes once and there is no need to do it again around the wall. I used a level and a pencil, then tapped up. If you are doing a whole room, do 1 stripe at a time (not 1 wall). Do the first coat one a couple of lines only, then go back and do another coat and take the paint tape off before it dries to much. Once you have it tapped up it really doesn't take very long to do the painting! I got our room done in one of H's sleeps!
    Ok, now i've written an essay....just let me know if you need more!


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