Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm a Cosmo Cover Girl!

hahahaha no I'm not... I wish!

But tonight as hubby is watching 'Angels and Demons' (ugh) on the tv, I'm taking the opportunity to visit some blogs I've never read before... Ebonies Mummy is one such blog, and I've decided to join Amba in making like a Cosmo Pregnancy cover girl by responding to the q&a featured in each issue!

So here goes, the dirt on my pregnancy:

Finding Out:

Falling pregnant with Fern had been such a long, heartbreaking and emotional experience and I expected the same arduous journey falling pregnant with baby #2. I stopped breastfeeding in November last year, and we - well - you know. I waited for my period to arrive, and on New Years Eve, it suddenly occurred to me that those cramps I'd been having intermittently were a lot like the ones I'd had once I fell preg with Fern. But what were the chances?? I journeyed immediately out to buy a pregnancy test and when it came up positive I was stunned. I rang the doctor immediately and went to get a blood test. Being NYE, I wouldn't get the results until the next day and I spent my evening at a party like a social leper, unable to talk to anybody or have a drink and I really couldn't think about anything else. Could I really be pregnant?? The next day, Fern, Dan and I went to the only medical centre open on the public holiday and begged for the results to be faxed over so we could find out for sure. And they did and it was. Positive. The very cool Indian doctor must have seen us as a breath of fresh air from all the ingrown toenails and phlemy chests and sat with us for a good half hour, just chatting about babies and pregnancy. I felt strangely calm. As though it had always been meant to happen this way. And perhaps it was.

I sort of consider 'fashion' and 'pregnancy' a juxtaposition in terms. Last pregnancy, I was in tears with nothing to wear and no clue where to go and eventually scrounged what I could off friends and the Kmart/ Target maternity racks. With Fern I was working full time and struggled with professional clothing that was fashionable AND suitable for pregnancy. I always felt frumpy and unattractive. This time being at home, its a lot easier and I have been living quite comfortably in black leggings and stretchy tops and even some skinny maternity jeans from the line at Jeans West! I've packed away most of my 'normal clothes so I can't torture myself, and I've resigned myself to three/four more months of clothes I wouldn't be seen dead in otherwise. Why spend $200 on a pair of maternity pants I'll want to burn the moment the baby comes out?

The Natural Company jelly snakes, Rice Bubbles (for dinner), coffee (my bad), and sushi (tuna and avocado rolls with a heart stopping amount of soy sauce).

Morning Sickness:
None to speak of! Felt a bit queasy at the thought of some of my favourite foods the first coupla months but that's about it!

I still like to get to Spin classes 3 days a week (I'm a junky), walk my dog most days, lift light(ish) handweights, swim occasionally and run on the treadmill. hmm sounds rather a lot but trust me, that's scaling back!!

Nothing much different to usual... though a rather unflattering photo of myself taken earlier this year had me scampering for the foundation bottle and now I won't even fetch the paper without a bit of cover on my face! Last pregnancy I was lucky enough to get that lovely skin pigmentation you can get - a 'mask' - all over my face. Can't wait for that to set in again....

Best Advice Received
hmmm tough one. I guess the most pivotal learning moment was in the post-natal first mothers group session, where the nurse told us that the 'woodpecker' (when a newborn sort of taps their head against you making a eh eh eh noise') isn't in fact a demand for a nipple to be put in their mouths... but rather a plea to go to sleep. Who knew??

Most Unexpected Surprise about Pregnancy
That pregnancy is more than just a cute Malteaser bump out the front. There's skin pigmentation. And fat bits that appear everywhere. And hemorrhoids (don't ask). And bloated boat feet. And an overwhelming urge to urinate every 2.5 minutes. And vaccuum the blinds at 7.30am on a Sunday morning. And a feeling of LOVE for your unborn baby that you can't quite define.

Advice for Pregnant Women:
If its your first pregnancy:
Sleep. Now, while you can. And sleep IN. Trust me on this one.

So now you know all my pregnancy dirt!! Are you pregnant too? Want to play along? If you do, please make sure you comment back to me so I can read about YOUR pregnancy journey!


  1. I had cravings for coffee too... I drank sooo much of it and im not even a coffee drinker.. Dont worry, little Harper turned out fine..

  2. Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy! I hope the next bubs is as beautiful as Fern!!!

  3. I'm about 11 weeks along now.....nobody knows yet. Going to the Dr tomorrow to check that everything's fine and then I'm going public..heehee! And thank goodness, because my jeans button is about to pop off. I 've tried on loads of preggie jeans and just can't find ones that I want, so I've decided to use those belly bands. Haven't used them before but apparently you can wear your normal pants and just unbutton un unzip it a bit and the band holds it all together, without your pants falling to your knees..I hope! I'm pregnant with my 3rd child..and boy oh boy, the nausea has been bad. I thought it was bad with the other 2, but this has been B-A-D BAD! And for some very strange reason, I've had a dairy allergy with all my pregnancies. I can't drink any milk or eat any chocolate for a few months in because I get a serious case of snot and phlegm. Yikes....I'm sitting here, happily commmenting, when I should be driving my 6 year old to school....Better go! All the best with the rest of your pregnancy. Bye.

  4. Love these posts, I hope more people jump onboard with it. There's nothing I love more than to live my cluckiness out through other women ;) Hahaha

  5. Thanks for jumping on board can't wait to hear about everyone elses's journey!
    And remember, you dont have to be pregnant to do it. Re-live it and tell us all about your journey : )

  6. I loved this post of yours Nicole!! I am like you and didn't see the point in spending heaps of money on maternity clothing I'd never want to wear again post-baby - I had a few 'stretchy' items of clothing and some maternity jeans I virtually lived in my whole pregnancy. As for cravings, mine was strawberry milk which I hadn't had since I was a little girl :) Your story of falling pregnant with little Fern sounds similar to our journey. I'm so glad everything has worked out for you this time round - it is so meant to be and I know you will be such a wonderful mummy of 2 xx


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