Friday, December 18, 2009

Handmade with Love - Rabbit Softie

It was my niece's birthday last week, and I realised this... a couple of days ago. I am a bit hopeless like that. If you WANT me to remember your birthday people, please do me a favour and send me a courtesy SMS a week or so before hand. I am then more than happy to bestow birthday love upon you! Anyway, things are a touch hectic at the moment, and I had absolutely no time to get to the shops and buy her a present. So yesterday whilst Fern was sleeping I found some scrap material, dusted off the sewing machine and whipped up this little rabbit softie!

It is sort of meant to be a sort of cushion that I picture sitting on my niece's bed. It is a tad smaller than intended, but with no pattern and a quick naptime window to complete the task it was the best I could come up with at short notice! I have made a few softies before, but this one is the first I've made on a whim, with no real plan of how it will turn out. Do you think she'll like it???


  1. that's soooo cute! i wish my sewing machine was working - so much i want to do but can't...

  2. I'm sure she'll love it - can't believe you didn't use a pattern! Love the fabric x


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