Sunday, January 10, 2010

My 'Fingerpainting'

So, we're sitting around the dinner table tonight, eating pizza. 'We' being hubby and I and my hubby's two nephews (14 and 15). The conversation? Art. The eldest nephew, Tom is a bit of a dab hand at art. Came 2nd in his year out of 150. Or something.

All of a sudden, nephew draws his attention to a piece of artwork hung above the kitchen table.

"Did you paint that, Nicole?"

Why yes. I did as a matter of fact.

He ponders the art for a moment.

"Is it a fingerpainting?"


Actually, it is NOT a fingerpainting. Nor is it an original idea. I plagiarised the idea from an issue of Real Living a long while back, painting it one rainy day with A PAINTBRUSH, dammit. It brightens up the space and despite the fact that my nephew thinks it is a fingerpainting and my mother in law rehung it upside down from while I was out of the house one day, because she felt "the flames should come up from the bottom" (I mean, I'm just the artist, what would I know about which direction it should be hung on the wall) I like it. I do feel guilty a little bit for not coming up with my own original idea, but I can't really afford expensive art; its not like I'm going to sell it, and millions of people have copied the Mona Lisa, riggght?

Have YOU ever 'borrowed' somebody elses creative idea? Come on, 'fess up -- ease my guilt, just a little!


  1. Looks great Nicole! I really like the colours. I have a little canvas I want to do for Grace's room and the idea is similar to something I've seen elsewhere too. Hope your weekend was a good one :)

  2. I hardly ever have an idea of my own. If I do it is only just two or three of other people's ideas mashed togethere.


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