Monday, June 28, 2010

Pictures of You...

Recently, I stumbled upon a gorgeous idea from Young House Love for recording the first precious months of your baby's life:

Their idea is fairly simple -- each week, they photograph their baby wearing a white gro-suit, laying on a gorgeous piece of material.
Clearly, their fabric collection is a little more abundant than my own, but I really love this idea! Then, they simply photoshop in the 'weeks' number and hey presto! A perfectly captured memento of their new baby.
I'm thinking of doing something similar for my new baby. It would be so gorgeous as a photo montage (like the one above) for the babys first birthday, don't you think? You could improvise by using bed linen or a cute tablecloth or even a beach towel if you didn't own copious amounts of fabric. And I do like the idea of wearing the same outfit each time.
In Fern's case, aside from the 4-squillion ad-hoc shots I took of her daily, I also photographed her each month sitting in our pink Eames rocker. She didn't have a special outfit, and I just kinda let her loll about (or stand!) in any fashion she desired. It's nice to look back at them to see how much she grew in her first year. And some of those pics are now my favourites from her first year...

Here's a sampler:

How did you/ will you record your baby's first year?


  1. That is gorgeous!!! Fern is adorable. I was terrible with things like that with my girls. I do take a silly amount of photos...but never in the same outfit, or on the same chair. Now with baby #3 on its way...I doubt I would do it 'cause I would feel too guilty for the other girls!! I do keep a baby book for each though!

  2. What a simple but great idea!! Thanks for sharing it! xo m.

  3. What a clever idea and as you say, you could use fabrics you all ready own like tablecloths etc. You should definitely give something ago with bub #2. I love all those pics of Fern - she is such a cutie pie!!! I just have a random bunch of snaps of Grace which I still haven't gotten around to making into a 1st Year album :) ... one day x


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