Monday, July 12, 2010

Meet the Newest Mother of the Year!

Fern loves Playschool. Adores it. The vintage stuff in particular. You know, with John and Noni and the gang. I love it too, because it takes me back to my own childhood when I loved John and Noni too!

Today, I took Fern to her very first live Playschool concert! Or I would have.

You see, it turns out that despite flattering myself that I am fully licensed on this mothering gig, I am still very much on my L-plates.

I've been more excited about this concert than Fern (in truth, she had no idea) and, when I rocked up this morning, I expected to buy our tickets at the door. Here's the promo poster:

Tell me the truth - - would YOU have believed you could have bought tickets at the door? So, I got there right on 9.30am and perhaps should have cottoned onto something being afoot when I was forced to park the car 40km from the venue. But I am even thicker than you might imagine, and when my blistered feet eventually made it inside I was completely taken aback. I had expected a few mums and bubs jostling for position at the front of the stage... but I hadn't expected 4 bazillion frenzied mothers and as many children with crazy looks in their eyes akin to punters vying for pole-position in the mosh-pit of a U2 concert.

I was frightened. But it didn't matter. As I signed in, I asked whether I could still buy tickets and the kind lady behind the counter looked at me sympathetically. Behind my bravado she could sense my complete lack of a clue how these things work and she let me know that no, there were no tickets available. That these concerts needed to be booked 3 milliseconds after they go on sale if you have any hope of securing a golden ticket.

I could have cried! I looked hopefully around for scalpers... but no joy there either. How could I possibly have been so clueless? I mean, every other mother on the Central Coast clearly knew to pre-purchase tickets!

We left with our tails between our legs. All dressed up with nowhere to go! In such a situation there is no other option than the one we then chose - - we hit the shops. A strong coffee and a orange-and-lemon muffin later, we braved the indoor playground. It was almost empty. During school holidays! Why? Well, they were all at bloody Playschool, weren't they?!!!?

A strong contender for Mother of the Year. Yep.


  1. Oh, I just adore you Nicole. You ARE a wonderful Mother and I'd nominate you for Mama of the Year. These things happen to all of us and seriously, it'll make for an awesome story in the future to share with your little Fern. xoxo

  2. Gosh, I didn't realise tickets would sell so quickly for Play School!!! That poster makes it sound like you can buy tickets at the door to me too so don't worry, I'd probably have done the same. What a shame you missed out but hope you enjoyed your morning anyway xx

  3. Oh Nicole, that's really funny, sorry not laughing at you but I would have done that too. And I bet all those mum's who booked 3milliseconds after the tickets went on sale had been in your shoes in the previous years. Well Fern will probably be even more excited for it next time Playschool are in town. Will likes Playschool and always dances to the starting song and waves when Big Ted gets to the top of the stairs and waves back :)

    Glad you could drown your sorrows with coffee and playground. Have a lovely week!

  4. Not going in made you the smartest Mama there - Could you imagine the sh*t fights that would have gone on in there for prime positioning in front of stage? Eeeek!

  5. I have to agree with Holly... so not worth the pain of being sandwhiched between thousands of exhausted mothers and sugar-fuelled psycotic toddlers for 2 hours! Muffin and coffee sounds much less stressful ;o)

  6. hi nicole! i've been reading your blog for quite some time now and this post was too awesome not to leave a comment! i am quite certain you made the right decision forgoing the craziness in favor of the shops. p.s. i think the same goes for toy sales. p.p.s. i think the same goes for all things in life- avoid all unnecessary agony.

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