Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pimping Up my Ikea Purchase

So, yesterday I dragged my husband under much duress down to Ikea. He hates shopping as a rule, so a day at Ikea is really his idea of hell. But Sundays are our 'family' day, the only day we are all home together, and this last Sunday he ditched us to race his bike... so this was payback time!

I needed to buy a chest of drawers for Fern to store her clothes in, and I had a gift voucher generously donated by Ikea when they came to photograph our home in May... gotta love that.

I think I've mentioned in previous posts that Fern is getting a daybed to sleep in once she graduates from her cot. It's sort of vintagey looking, so I wanted to get a chest of drawers to match.

As it turns out, I not only found the perfect piece at Ikea -- it's also on sale!! This is what I bought for just $249 (I didn't get the mirror you see below):

It is really sweet and a bargain at $250, but the handles are a little ho-hum... so I went on a search last night to see whether I could find something a bit more colourful and feminine, and found these on Etsy:
They are hand-cut glass, so shabby-CHIC and perfect for the look I'm creating in Fern's 'big girl' room. And, they're only US$15.50 for 4! I'm just waiting on a price for 6, and then I'm ordering them. Will post pics once I have them! Now, I'm wondering whether I should go one step further and line the drawers in some pretty paper? We'll see...

What Ikea purchased have you 'pimped'?


  1. My hubby HATES ikea as well. Not so much the products, but the fact you need to walk through the whole place to find just one thing. He gets stress attacks!!

    I don't really have much Ikea stuff - though I will make a trip shortly for a new chest of drawers...which I will be 'pimping' with new handles as well.

    Love the chest of drawers you chose for Fern.

  2. Paul hates Ikea too :) I think that's the Ikea set of drawers Grace has in her room. I say definitely line the drawers with some pretty paper, it will add a lovely touch. I was looking at Grace's the other day and thinking cute handles would be nice - LOVE the ones you've chosen - very feminine and pretty. One word of warning, be very gentle when assembling the backing board onto this piece and check all the parts before putting it together - we assembled ours only to find a hairline crack in one side. I made three trips to Ikea whilst pregnant in my third trimester over these drawers but it was well worth it as they look lovely in Grace's room now.

  3. Cute idea Nicole. Glad you got to spend your voucher. And glad to got the Drawers at the 'new lower price'.
    Well I work at IKEA, so my hubby never has to go with me to buy the goods, I get the joy of picking them up after work and getting them into my car all by myself. But I did do some 'pimping' of my own on the weekend. I have two of our fantasic FROSTA stool (small brich ones for $19.99). and one of the lovely stylist from HOUSE & GARDEN sent me a whole heap of wall paper samples a few weeks ago that were left over from a shoot, so I cut and pasted them onto the top of my stools and made my stools look a lot more stylish.

    I love hearing about all your little projects and the pics that follow. Keep it up.

  4. These handles are very similiar to Isabella's white cupboard. VERY NICE!!! - actually yours are slightly nicer than mine :)

  5. Gorgeous handles and such a great price too...I saw some really pretty ones on Anthropologie, a little bit more expensive and of course their shipping costs are sky high! My little girl has the Hemnes draws (but the tallboy) in her room. I love them, they slide open so effortlessly and are nice and deep. I was going to get the 3 draw like yours but I really liked the little draws at the top of the bigger one. Great for storing hair clips and "pretties" I have a very girly girl too! Was thinking of going the Minnen extendable bed, once she comes out of her cot ( she just turned 2) Decisions?!? Enjoy setting up Fern's big girl's room.x.

  6. I agreed! such a gorgeous handles! can't wait to see the finish product! may I know which shop did you get the handle from in etsy? Love your blog by the way! x ;)


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