Friday, October 22, 2010

Paint Project #2 - Handprinting!

Stealing an idea I saw at the BHG Live show over the weekend, Fern and I had muchos fun this morning painting her handprints onto some mini-canvases I picked up at the $2 shop earlier this week. 

Here's Fern contemplating the task ahead:

... and LOVING her hand being painted up:

I don't have any pics of the actual hand being printed... Im sure that you can appreciate that complete parental supervision was required at this point and that meant the camera had to be put safely away!! I chose 3 shades of red/ pink but unfortunately the first canvas got a little smushed in Fern's enthusiasm to press her hand to the canvas. She was an old hand by the third canvas though and was disappointed when it was all over! I then let her outside with the clean paintbrush and a bowl of water to 'paint' with -- tee hee.

The finished product? See for yourself:

Cute, non? Have a great weekend x


  1. Oooh love this idea!!! Might have to steal it from you :) I love how you've displayed Fern's cute handprints under that stunning family photo. Fern's expression in the first photo is priceless and her outfit is gorgeous - where's her top from? Her hair has grown SO much, Grace is still a little baldie :)

  2. Ditto what Amanda said! Might have to steal and her little pondering expression is sooooooooo cute!

  3. Nicole, these are the cutest pics of seen of Fern thus far. She is really coming into her own and looking like a little lady!

  4. oh, thankyou! Amanda, the top was from Country Road last Summer, her Aunt bought it for her for Christmas, I'm getting the last wears out of it now, before its too late!! By all means steal the idea -- I stole it too!! Wil do Elliotts... once he finally opens up his little fists!!

  5. Love how professional you look with the paint palette. Am defo stealing your water and paintbrush idea outside! Genius.

  6. SUPER cute. How long did it take you to get the paint off her hands? I always worry about that (silly aren't I?). We painted forever outdoors this morning and are both covered in glitter and all manner of other paint! :)


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