Friday, November 12, 2010

I Scream You Scream...

... we ALL scream for icecream!

Ok, I know I dissed a little on my daughter this week... but you all know I love her, right? And I know she knows it too. But to illustrate it to her further, I sat up last night and made her a little pressie! A lot of love went into this gift, because I am a hopeless sewer for all my grand intentions and you won't be seeing my designs on Etsy any time soon!

My daughter LOVES jewellery. She's been playing with the rings/ necklaces/ bracelets/ earrings of anyone who leans within reaching distance of her almost since the day she was born. So I love to buy her little inexpensive trinkets when I see something I know she'll like. Yesterday was very warm, so my inspiration for making this little necklace is the idea of Summer and memories of sitting outside as a child, licking icecream from the cone as fast as I could, in a losing battle against the sun! I think the pavement ate more icecream than I did!

Fern found the necklace this morning and looked very cute wearing it... Shes also polite enough not to scorn my dreadful hand sewing! Unfortunately I didn't get a pic of her wearing it in time before I popped her and Elliott down for a little morning nigh-nigh.

We're off swimming shortly in Nanny's pool -- its our first swim of the season and I'm a teeny bit nervous about squeezing my post-natal bod into a cozzie... but at least its family and not a beach full of supermodels! Have a lovely weekend, see you next week! x


  1. What a cute little necklace!! Bet Fern loves it :) Grace is obsessed with my jewellery draw at the moment too - any chance she gets she runs in there, flings open the drawer and the next minute, there are bracelets everywhere. I even found one in the mop bucket yesterday all soggy and wet. Hope you have fun in the pool, so much fun that you forget to be self conscious of yourself in a cozzie :)

  2. That is so cute!! And very clever... I am a hopeless sewer but would love to try and make something like this. Izzy would love it.

    Enjoy the sunshine x

  3. That is soooooooooooo cute Nicole!!! Love it you talented thing you, I'm sure Fern loved it. It will probably be a treasured piece of jewellry because her Mumma made it :)

    p.s. I'm sure you'll look great in your cozzies, you don't look like a mum of a relatively new born baby in the photo you posted the other week.

  4. Well I guess now I know what to buy my Niece for xmas ;-) Diva here I come!

    Now if only you sisters of mine were a little easier...

  5. How cute ... I love it and my little girls would too! You are one clever mummy!! Hope the swim was fun.


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