Tuesday, December 14, 2010

YOU are gifted!

Yesterday afternoon, as I was riding my bike up a rather large hill (in an artless attempt to work off an overindulgence of salt-n-vinegar chippies) I passed a church. Out the front was a large billboard and on it was this message:

"Some of God's greatest gifts are packaged as people..."

Given that I was only halfway up the hill, I had a while to ponder this.

And for some reason, it had a lot of resonance with me. People really can be a gift in themselves, can't they? I feel honoured to be blessed with some friends and family who really ought to be wrapped in paper and tied together with string, such is their gift to me, just by being themselves!

And then I thought, wouldn't it be a lovely Christmas gesture to recognise some of the special people in blogland who entertain, enrich, inspire and lighten our lives a little with their words each day?

So I'm creating my own award, it's called the 'you are gifted' award, and I'm going to give mine to a few special bloggers to recognise their gifts. And then I'm going to invite YOU to do the same.

Here I go:

Amanda from The Homely One. In blogland, I am yet to encounter a more supportive, encouraging person than Amanda. I know she visits many of your blogs, and faithfully reads and post comments week after week. Amanda, your gift is this friendship that you have extended to me and to many others. Thankyou.

Sonia from Tied with a Bouw.  You've got to admire this girl for her style - I adore her white, pristine modernist apartment in KL, and this is a girl who would like stylish in a paper bag! A girl with a taste for the finer things in life, she manages to write in such down-to-earthedness to inspire me to enjoy living vicariously through her! Congratulations on your beautiful (and no doubt stylish!) baby girl, Sonia!

Janette from My Sweet Prints. From humble beginnings, I've enjoyed watching Janette grow from a girl with a blog to a girl with a blog AND a thriving online print business! Janette, your gift has been your entrepreneurial get-up-and-go to inspire me (and many others) to just believe in our dream and go for it! Your prints are amazing, girl!

Maxabella from Maxabella Loves. Here's a woman whose posts are always witty, inspiring and written with such honesty. Maxabella's gift is her ability to recognise the beauty around her and motivate others to do the same. Loving your work, girl!

Jess from Life's Little Whispers. There is something organically gorgeous about Jess, and we share lots of the same decorating taste and ideas about living with and creating an environment for children. Jess' gift is in projecting such a positive energy about her and in making others appreciate the simple things in life!

There are so many others I could/should mention... but now its your turn.

It's simple. Just acknowledge 3-5 special bloggers like I have, writing a little line explaining their special 'gift'. Let them know about it, and invite them to similarly spread the joy! If you are the recipient of a 'gift' its always nice to acknowledge the person who sent it to you... but the fun here is in the 'giving', not the 'receiving' Feel free to steal my button above.

Special best wishes to every single person who has ever taken the time to comment on my blog, each of you hold a key to my little diary... where would I be without you? x


  1. What a lovely gesture! I am going to have a go at this next week. I think I will need that long to pick who I will gift! Great idea!

  2. Great idea! Good blog choices too!

  3. You are just too gorgeous, hun. You are so right that people can be gifts. A running list is circling my head as I write this.

    I am really honoured and proud to be on your list. x

  4. What a sweet idea! :)

    In other news, I had a laugh imagining you riding your bike up a big hill because you ate too many salt and vinegar chips. Love it!

  5. Oh Nicole!!!! Big hugs to you hun, thank you so much for your lovely list and including my on it! It is actually just what I needed this afternoon as I'm having an 'everything going wrong day' with my business today and I was feeling quite down but you've made me feel so much better with your lovely words so - thank YOU!!!
    I'm really excited to write my list - yay! Stay tuned. big hugs,

  6. I love that you have made up your own Award! That is just great and your blog choices are top notch!

  7. This is so sweet of you..i know a few of the gorgeous ladies you listed and its very true everything you wrote about them...Merry Christmas and hope to see you around my blog soon xx

  8. What a lovely idea ... maybe you are one of the gifts!!

  9. This is such a lovely blog you have here!



  10. Geez Nicole, shucks... I am blushing! Thank-you so much for picking me amongst hundreds, I really am grateful! Loving your award so much that I might just have to pay it forward next week... perfect for the jolly and giving season :) And for the record, you know we all think you are the cats pyjamas! x

  11. Oh Nicole, you have truly made my day with your kind words - I am so honoured to be part of your list of gift recipients, especially coming from you as I adore your blog, that's why I comment so often - I love reading what you post and can relate to so much of what you share. I'm looking forward to passing on this award, thanks so much hun xx

  12. Hi Nicole I'm your newest happy follower after sweet Amanda tagged me with your thoughtful award.

    I completely agree with your comments about the first four ladies and thanks for the tip about Jess.

    I look forward to having a peek around your blog once life on Planet Baby slows down (my husband starts his holidays on Friday so not long to wait ☺). J x

  13. Oh Nicole, you have completely made my day :) I actually cried when I read what you wrote about my blog!

    And I am with Sonia, we do all think you are the ants pants! Love the idea of the award and will be making my list shortly...



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