Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My New 'Fluttering Butterflies' Range for Gorgeous Girls...

Dear blog. Sorry I have been a bit scant of late... I know I rarely write; I never call... but I've been thinking of you...

...I've just been thinking of other things a bit more.

Like my brand new 'Fluttering Butterfly' clothing range, for example...

I love butterflies. Who doesn't? Soft, fluttering creatures flitting about the Spring garden; bouncing from flower to flower. Fern tries to catch them, but luckily for them (and me) she doesn't get close. We just watch them, and marvel at their innocent and irreverent beauty.

There are a lot of butterfly inspired creations out there; I have quite a few strewn about my home including artworks and ceramics! But although I've seen butterfly prints adorning clothing, I'd never really seen anything that captures the beauty of a butterfly in flight. After playing with a few ideas... I finally came up with this:

It's a design that - I hope - captures that beauty! My butterfly is made from fabric and felt and is designed to actually lift up from the clothing in a two dimensional fashion. These moveable wings actually flutter in the breeze; I wish I could capture that movement in these photos! Each butterfly features a unique print and is appliqued by the stem onto a piece of clothing, then handsewn for added strength with a little button adronment. I am so proud of this design, because I have never seen it anywhere else!

These designs are available in my Etsy shop, and I will be adding more to the range over the Easter break. I'd love to know what you think and if you know any special little princesses that would look pretty as a butterfly in these designs, please do do pass my details on! x


  1. What a cute idea! If only I had girls!

  2. Nicole, these are just gorgeous!!

  3. Gorgeous Nicole! Love the fabrics you are using! xx

  4. Just beautiful!
    Every little girl needs such sweet whimsy in her life.

  5. these are SO beautiful!!! I'll be adding one to my cart, me thinks! I'm not exactly sure when mothers day is... im trusting that my husband does though (yeah right)! Yes, typo is AMAZING.. a little like ikea though, everything is so cheap that you collect so much and get a rude little shock at the counter!

  6. These are just gorgeous. What a beautiful and very clever and unique.:)

  7. love love love love love love these ... just gorgeous!


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