Monday, April 4, 2011

Our Weekend: A Madhatters Tea Party!

In case I wasn't already quite sure I have the coolest inlaws in the whole wide world...

Yesterday they played host to a 'Madhatters Tea Party' for their nine grandchildren!

The kids sported their 'mad' hats (I was going to make one, ran out of time and bought Fern's from the $2 shop) but nanny and poppy outdid themselves with full fancy costumes:

Being such a large family, we don't get many opportunities these days to converge together but Fern adores her cousins and was totally in her element. Cake! Lollies! Green cordial (ok, I drew the line at that one, I'm the one who has to get her to sleep!), party blowers...

Fern was obsessed with her blower... except she couldn't quite get hers to make a 'toot', so she just blew it out and made her own little toot noise!

The table looked so sweet, I forgot to get a pic of all the little cakes and things (probably too busy stuffing my face):

... and there was even a gorgeous little shetland pony named 'Bunny' borrowed for the afternoon from a neighbour for the kids to ride:

... best of all, it was such a lovely sunny Autumn afternoon and despite the fact that all the kids were sugar-laden and missing their afternoon sleeps I didn't hear a single tear all party! A success!

How did your weekend pull up, did you do anything spesh?


  1. OMGoodness! Do your inlaws want to adopt another grandchild because Will and I will be THERE at the next party! Gosh that's so cool and I love their costumes. Fern looks so cute in her hat and love that pic of you and Elliott!
    Have a great Monday Nicole,

  2. Oh gosh!! How fantastic. Next madhatter tea party count me in!!

    It was my birthday yesterday so we went out for brunch (after a little sleep in). BLISS!!

  3. Wow Nicole, you certainly did luck out in the inlaws department!!

    I spent yesterday at Supanova here in Brisbane. It's a convention for Sci-fi/fantasy/comics etc. My fav author is Robin Hobb and she was there as a guest exhibitor. Very coo. Got to meet and am actually catching up with her today for coffee!! (swoon!). I also got to meet Denis O'Hare from True Blood and Tom Felton from Harry Potter. Not a bad day at all :-)

  4. Oh Wow! I want to be a grandchild of your parents! That looks like so much fun :)

  5. How fun! I want to be a fantastic grandparent like that someday!! Guess I should start having some kids so that I can slowly start working towards that "grandmother" goal!

  6. Wow! What a fantastic weekend!! I'm jealous.

    I just found you through AMB, and look forward to reading more of your family adventures.

    Kirst xx

  7. I am a little late to the party (pardon the pun!) for this post, but had to say that I love all the photos and their idea is so cute!! I have pretty cool in laws (especially my MIL) who does similar things for her two granddaughters and whom I could definitely see planning something like this if she had more than two :)


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