Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Now I am one... in which Elli-boo celebrates his first birthday.

Today my beloved little baby son Elliott turned one year old.

Today I will be helping blow out his very first birthday candle... It was New Year's Eve in 2009 that I found out I was pregnant - was a tad more sober than it might have been otherwise! - and I remember that feeling of jubilation, excitement and wonder when my test was pronounced positive. 

My pregnancy was fairly straightforward... but the birth wasn't! Well -- it probably was completely normal, but I found it fairly horrendous, all the same! The truth is -- when Elliott popped out I had a small moment of panic. A BOY?? What would I do with such a thing?

But I didn't realise. 

And then about 5 minutes later, I did. What would I do with such a thing? Why -- just L.O.V.E him, of course. 

And love him, I did. 

And do. 

We all do.

He was such an easy newborn... a cuddly little koala bear who once slept the entire 3 hours I sat with the accountant in his Baby Bjorn (wish I could have, too!) Even now he loves a cuddle with his mum. When he's not tearing about like a hurricane destroying everything in his path he's quite content just sitting in my arms as I carry on with household chores, interestedly observing me go about my business... 

He rarely cried...

And Fern? She just welcomed him into our family; our lives; our home -- just like he'd always been there. 
And in some ways, he has.

But of course, it hasn't always been smooth sailing: the night-wakings, the round-the-clock breastfeeding; projectile white stuff... and brown stuff... tantrums, thrown food, back-arching, clinginess, fussiness, messiness, and the inability to hold still for even a second.......

... all of that overrided of course by the cheekiness. The smiles. The giggling attacks. The way he attacks food like he's already a teenager. The way he can climb before he can walk. The way he sits on my hip like he could spend the rest of his life there. And fossicks through the garbage like he's looking for gold. His goodness of heart, that shines through, even at this early age. The ELLIOTTness that makes him Elliott.

My son is one. ONE. 

Happy birthday, sonny-boy.

All I can say is that you are the most gorgeous little boy in MY whole wide world. 

Mummy loves you more than words can say.


  1. Oh I had tears reading this post Nicole! A Huge happy birthday to gorgeous Elliott! He is such an adorable little boy and I'm sure he's going to keep giving you so much love and joy throughout the yrs. I hope you all have fun celebrating today! Hip hip hooray! Jxx

  2. Happy Birthday gorgeous little Elliott!

  3. What a beautiful post Nicole, wishing your gorgeous little boy the happiest 1st birthday. I look forward to watching him grow on your blog over the coming years :)

  4. What a gorgeous post ... and seriously how cute is he!!
    And you know what - its my daughters birthday today too. Good day for a party (or some cake!!)

  5. I love the 'grow' photos - what a gorgeous boy you have! Happy Birthday Elliot!!

  6. Happy bday little man! I can't believe how quick the last 12 months have gone!

  7. Happy Birthday Elliot! What a fabulous post and a lovely way to capture that all important first year.


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