Friday, August 5, 2011

Today I Built a Snowman.

I am in New Zealand. We've been here since Sunday, and we are here for just one more day... it's been fun but today, today we went to the snow. No one was more excited about this than myself. I'm almost 35 and I've never really been, you see. So the concept of snow was a complete novelty. We've been building this up for weeks; researched snowman building on youtube, showed Fern pictures so she knew what to look out for...

And so today - donned with 400 layers of snow-inappropriate clothing and a delightfully-kitch beanie each, we slid on our bottoms down the powdery snow. Threw snowballs. Felt snowfall on our faces for the first time ever. And....... we built a snowman.

gosh darn, this is harder than we anticipated!! Anyone got a shovel??

Still working... an hour later.
Fern's "little" snowman
The finished product, complete with a carrot nose, scarf and little eyes!

yayeeeeeeee! Such a ski-bunny! Right, I think I'm ready to buy a snowboard now!

See ya next week...


  1. That's so exciting Nicole! Looks like you're having a lot of fun indeed. :) The only time I ever went to the snow there was barely a cm of slush on the ground so I would be excited too. :) x

  2. Oh how much fun Fern would have had!! Glad you're enjoying your time over there. How trim are you looking in that last pic!! x

  3. It's a little dream of mine to build a snowman with my children one day soon... next year I hope!

    You did a GREAT job! He looks very authentic (although you have to wonder how long those giant snowmen the Americans all seem to make take!)


  4. You are rocking the snow bunny look, too cute, you're adorable!! I love snow, i love being cold (we live in Canberra, so we get snow & seeing we've spent much of our adult life in Darwin, this is still a novelty). I'm 36 & i LOVE snow, the children have to fight me from diving in first. Have to say our most fun memories ever have been watching our 4 toboggan at Mt Selwyn - now my baby is 7.5 years old, he can possibly steer better & not run down so many skiiers!! Yes, the toboggans are seperated, he fell over the guard wall one year into the oncoming skiiers, i'm sure we broke all skiing ettiquette that weekend. Love Posie

  5. Fantastic snowman - and it looks like a gorgeous time. Squeeze every last bit out of it.

  6. umm, who cares about the bloody snow man- how flippin HOT do you look?! Tres hot.

    xo em


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