Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dance like noone is watching....

Sometimes, I wish I could be two again. To take joy from the simplest of pleasures. To be uninhibited. run and dance like noone is watching. Oh to be two again...


  1. Sshhhh, from time to time, that's e.x.a.c.t.l.y what I do... x

  2. Absolutely!
    I love the lack of inhibition and joyful abandon of these little folk.
    Occasionally, I'd like to get on the floor in public and have myself a massive ol tanty too!!!

  3. Oh precious photos, what a little doll you have there :o)
    You know, I am renowned for dancing like no one is watching... I have even posted about my extreme desire to get up and dance at every opportunity. You should jump on in and join your sweet 2 year old every chance you get, you'll love it! xo

  4. so cute!! i think a lot of ppl could wish they were 2...nap having to worry about work or other lifes troubles...


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