Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How the heck do you recover a lamp?

You know what happens.... you spy an amazing image somewhere about, like this one:

love everything about this shot. Not sure where I saw it, but Im thinking it might have been from Absolutely Beautiful Things... it screams Anna Spiro, don't you think?

... and in a moment of gloriously carefree optimism you decide 'hey. I can do that' and find yourself digitally scanning your Visa to buy a piece of designer fabric like - oh - this one:

... and decide to recover yourself a lamp. In my head I saw a gorgeously glossy white organic shaped base with this Heather Bailey fabric wrapped around the shade. My upcycled and altogether inspiring lamp would jauntily perch on my new studio desk, lighting up my work until the wee hours and I would glance at it every so often, patting myself with pride.

But now I have the fabric (which really is lovely) and a lamp, which is actually one from Ikea and is jet black. I mean, how do I intend to get a black lamp.... white? Can I get away with spray painting it, and even if I can, what did I intend to do with the black cord!!?

And so now I am in a quandry. I havn't quite given up on my dreams of a recovered lamp, but for now its in my too-hard pile. I quite simply dont know where to start. Im intimidated, folks!

Have you ever recovered an old lamp? How did you do it?!? Do I need special glue? Will any ole spray paint do the job? Your feedback appreciated!


  1. I haven't done it before, I know my mum has and it worked well.
    Looking forward to seeing the results... might have to give it ago myself

  2. YOU CAN DO IT HONEY!! and Im pretty sure that is Anna Spiro's work ..I remember the lamp shade.

    For the lamp base..the key element here is PRIMER
    here is a DIY Link for you


    As for the cord, simple fix..you can spray paint the cord also, or use white electrical tape to cover.

    You can actually go to bunnings and purchase a cord kit and change it over, but you need to have someone who has electrician skills to connect it all together again...hubby did mine.

    As for the lamp shade...I did mine with Spray Adhesive and a bunch of pegs..worked a charm
    here is another link with similar steps


  3. Ditto what Anna said. If you use a drum shape lamp shade it's really easy. I use craft glue and peg around the top and bottom as I go then fold the final end of material over and glue it. You can glue ribbon on the inside of the shade to cover the material on the inside (if it's going to be visable). Good luck, look forward to seeing it!

  4. Nicole, I posted a tutorial on my blog a few weeks ago. I'll find the link. For the base, I bought undercoat spray paint and then high gloss in the colour I wanted. TOTALLYYYYY EASYYYY!

  5. http://thebeetleshack.blogspot.com/2011/09/how-to-recover-lampshade-in-25-seconds.html

    ta dah

  6. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! Love your etsy store - my sister's due next month and I spy many potential gifts :-)

  7. If you work it out and it turns out well, I'd like to put an order in for my bday please ;-)

  8. Never recovered an old lamp... but can't wait to see the end result of your efforts Nicole :o)
    That picture IS beautiful xo

  9. My very fist visit here. Lovely shot, lovely blog. I would still be gloating about the Ikea home shot. Good For You! I have had a lovely time looking around your beautiful place and hope you find the time to drop by mine sometime soon. I will be back to see the lamp, I am sure it will be a masterpiece, for sure. Cheers SpecialK XoXo


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