Monday, February 13, 2012

In the Press!

I'm sorry folks, I can't resist publishing this page from the new Autumn issue of Shop4Kids released in stores today... a couple of months ago, before Christmas when I was crazy-busy and literally had to diarise getting dressed else be nudey all day I was asked if I had any paisley bow-ties in my collection. I didn't, and I really didn't have time to design one..... but I did, anyway!

And I'm so glad I did. And got it to the magazine by the deadline. Because two of my bow-ties are featured in the shoot, including this one and this image which I am kinda swooning over.

Enough trumpet blowing. But chuffed all the same. xx

Image from Shop4Kids Autumn issue 2012. Bow-tie by Bubby Makes Three


  1. AWESOME nicole!! That little tot looks like your model (fern) too!

    xo em

  2. hooray! this is so sweet. the bow tie is like the icing on the cake. well done. xo.

  3. Well done you!!! Such a beautiful image too!

  4. Congrats - that's fab!! I would be proud too - that bow tie is super cute. Will have to get a copy of Shop4Kids to have a look.

  5. and chuffed you should be!! well done ♥

  6. That's big new Nicole, congrats on the feature x


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