Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Impending Backyard Blitz


In the early 1990's, red patterned concrete may well have been the fashion-forward flooring alternative for a courtyard. Living with it in 2009... fashion-forward, not so much. 

We inherited our landscaping when we bought our home, and mostly the previous occupants got it right. But the concrete courtyard kinda does my head in. There's no greenery, no protection from the elements, nothing to provide privacy from the neighbours. In short, nothing to entice us to utilise it, and so it has sat neglected for quite a while while we worked out how we could turn our sad little space into a functional outdoor room. 

Of course, I've watched Backyard Blitz, read all the Jamie Durie books and initially came up with some pretty grand plans for the space. Unfortunately, reality set in with the realisation that maternity leave is not the highest paid job in the world and our plans have now been scaled back a bit. But we have, we hope, come up with something that will transform our coutyard from drab to fab!

Stage one will entail built-in bench seats, a new planter box under the big ugly window, large square pavers (goodbye red brick!), and a large timber screen (goodbye neighbours!). 

The building starts tomorrow and I can't wait. Who's coming over for cocktails once it's up?

wow! A feature dog kennel! Wonder why my yard is not featured in a Jamie Durie book?

Drab brick wall... begone!


  1. Can't wait to see pics of it finished, sounds good, simple and functional, and eye-friendly.

    Who's doing the building - you guys or paid hire?

    And, where's Ferns corner?

  2. I'd like to say we're doing it.... but Dan has approximately 4 milliseconds available spare time so we are paying someone he knows through the cycle club - a landscaper - to do most of it. I'm going to do the planting and some stepping stones, and Dan will screen the existing retaining wall himself. Fern's space is in stage 2!!

  3. Charli and I will come for cocktails! Fern and Charli can do whatever their little 8 month old hearts desire and we can enjoy a little adult refreshment! I love gardening, I can amuse the girls while you plant, let me know if you need a hand.


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