Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy Birthday x10

With 10 babies (rapidly approaching toddlerhood) in my mothers-group-turned-friends, we decided to hold one big birthday party in our local park with party food! and balloons! and pressies! and cake! The party is tomorrow and I can't wait for the squeals of delight under mountains of wrapping... closely followed by scrambling mummies sticking fingers down throats to lovingly extract the bits of wrapping paper the bubs won't be able to stop themselves from sampling. 

In celebration, I was inspired by this inexpensive packet of bibs I found at Target:

... and this lot of hand-me-downs:

... to make a personalised bib for each of the bubs in our group for their very special party. Here's how they came up:

An hour of terrible sewing, a bit of fabric paint and ta-daaa! something to prevent the cake from smearing into their party clothes... for about 5 seconds! I'll post pics from the party tomorrow, should be lots of fun!


  1. ohmygod you are bloody awesome! from the whole group, we are so lucky to have you! Mattie's will be treasured forever...

  2. What a great idea! The bibs look fantastic. I never thought about the fact that all those 1st birthday parties would be so close together. I like your idea of all celebrating together.


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