Thursday, March 18, 2010

Meeting someone you admire...

I don't really talk about interior design too much on this blog; there's plenty of other blogs that specialise in that area out there on the web, and my little blog has kind of a more children-y focus. But that doesn't mean I'm not passionate about interiors! I obsess about my home constantly, am addicted to design magazines and stalk the other homey sites on the web relentlessly!

My favourite design mag is the down-to-earth Real Living, where amazing style isn't about costing the earth and the ideas translate into REAL homes just, well, like mine! Last night, I attended a function where the editor of Real Living, Deborah Bibby, presented a talk about interior design and decorating. I've seen her on TV (on HomeMade) and in the magazine of course, but had no idea what she might be like in person. I couldn't believe how down-to-earth she was, a real poster girl for her magazine! She seemed like the type of gal you could chat for hours over a cup of tea with, discussing storage ideas and vignettes. I loved her!

Afterward, she stayed around to chat to audience members and I desperately wanted to go and say hello... but do you reckon I got the worst kind of stagefright?! I circled the room about 12 times before I plucked up enough courage to go over to her (oh, ok, my friend pretty much dragged me). When I got there, she was as lovely as I would have expected and even said I reminded her of her gardening editor! I gushed about how much I love her magazine and just barely restrained myself from begging for work experience!

So now, I have even more respect for my favourite magazine and its editor. Have you ever met someone you have admired from afar? Did they meet your expectations?


  1. Oh how great to have been able to go to her talk! I love Real Living magazine too and buy every issue (have them all except #1). I find their magazine down-to-earth and with great, affordable ideas. Is definitely my fave :) How nice that she was lovely x

  2. deb is awesome. hands down best boss i ever had! so glad you got to meet her x

  3. Hi Nicole, Yes the Bibby is great. I have heaps to do with her with work. Glad you got to meet her - I was very much the same when we had our first breakfast. still enjoying your blog.


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