Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hopping Mad

I've come to the conclusion that Spotlight is a lot like Ikea in that you go in for one quick, little thing... and come out with a trolley full of wonderful items you don't need -- but suddenly can't live without.

Case in point. Last weekend, I ventured in for a moment to check out some rugs they had on sale. No luck there, I had a quick little poke into the craft isle... where, in a moment of insanity I decided it would be a GREAT idea this year to be all thrifty and Martha Stewart-y and make my own Easter eggs.

Because, with a 14 month old and a baby on the way, plus home renovations and a family business, I have nothing else to do.

And, having to buy a million packets of chocolate buds, plus moulds, colourings, noodle boxes, wooden packing straw and pretty ribbon it was soooo much cheaper than going to Woolies and buying a coupla boxes of eggs for the fam. Yeah right.

Anyway, this afternoon upon reading the instructions on the back of the moulds I'm a little, well, nervous. Am I up for the Easter egg making challenge?? It all seems a tad more labour intensive than I first thought and in truth, Im not real good around hot stoves. And I don't want to ruin my new saucepans! I hope the Easter bunny rescues me!

Quick - have you ever made your own eggs for Easter before? Have you any tips to save this crazy idea from descending into chocolate-hell? Hellllp!


  1. Yup...give the kit away as an Easter

    ok...need to encourage you here..Hmmm...well lets say that the message is written all over the packaging...I CAN DO THIS!! you know you can...remember the bean bag episode...great idea...then oh oh..not so good idea..then ..ahhhh see I worked it out...and..voila...HAPPY CAMPER!! :) x

  2. I'm sure it will be rewarding when you see those cute little packages all done up and everyone in your family will appreciate the effort you've gone to. My only tip when melting the chocolate is to keep the heat LOW (otherwise it will go a gluggy thick texture) and do the whole double saucepan thing to melt the chocolate - good luck! x

  3. ha ha -- giving the pack away IS a good idea! Yes you are right about the beanbag episode... though just this morning I plucked a stray white bean from Fern's outstretched paw. How is it possible to be STILL finding the little buggers about the house? So this is making me even more nervous about chocolate making........ x

  4. I don't have any chocolate tips sorry, I've got chocolate moulds I've been planning to use for years so I look forward to hearing how you go. You will be fine!!!! And I'm sure your family will be blown away by your easter egg making abilities!
    J xx


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