Sunday, March 14, 2010

Winter Oobi Range- do they come in Size 10?

Australian Children's fashion-icon brand Oobi has just released its Winter range... and as usual it does not disappoint! My picks?


Applique Cord Trouser - Red $49.95
Shoobies - Apple $17.95
Baby Bear Knit Hat - Red $29.95
Applique Dress - Grass Green Cord $49.95
Apple Tights $13.95
Tweed Swing coat - Raspberry Dot $69.95

My picks for Boys:

Yee-Ha Cowboy Shirt $34.95
Japanese Wash Jeans - $46
Shoobies - Whale $17.95
Bear Hoodie - Blue & Choc $39.95
Baby Bear knit hat - Blue $29.95

View the entire range here, and get your credit card ready! On my list of must-haves for Ferny's Winter wardrobe include that absolutely stunning Swing Coat (pictured above - do they make one in my size?) and some stripey footless tights. Oh, and those red cord trousers. Actually, who am I kidding. One of everything please!


  1. Naaaaaaaaaaaw too cute..those whale print slippers have got me big time! :)

  2. Super cute! I think that swing coat will be making an appearance in Isla's winter wardrobe. Hope you have had a lovely weekend.


  3. I love that red and white polka dot swing coat - might have to find one for Grace - it's adorable!! Love that blue baby bear knit hat too. Such gorgeous clothes for kids :)


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