Monday, June 21, 2010

Gender + Neutral = Shudder...

So, I'm over 30 weeks preggers now. By rights, I should have (in my own head anyway) near-on everything organised over the next few weeks in case I 'go early' and truly, I intend to get right onto it... but in one organisational area in particular, I am really struggling.

In truth, I am beginning to lament my noble decision to keep the baby's gender a 'surprise.' It is a decorating nightmare challenge, to be sure, but can we even talk about costuming and wardrobe? I mean, have you seen the 'gender neutral' offerings out there?
By this stage, when I was pregnant with Fern, I pretty much had her entire wardrobe entirely sorted. People like shopping for girls. Friends, family, even work colleagues I barely knew would approach my desk after lunch hour with pink frilly offerings... shopping for baby girls is an entirely effortless and enjoyable pastime. Too easy, some might say - esp if they are currently banned from spending and Country Road send them a one-day-sale notice in the mail.


Those blessed with baby boys often groan about the general lack of design creativity by the stores in the costuming department. I have conducted some half-hearted research and discovered they are right... but only to a point. There are some gorgeous things if you know where to look. Hello online shopping!

But gender neutral? Not so much. I've been everywhere, and this is what I currently have in stores for my new baby:

- 1 long sleeved onesie from Pumpkin Patch
- 2 yellow Bonds Wondersuits
- One all-in-one and a long sleeved top from Cotton On
Um... that should be enough... for the first day, anyway?! Am I the only one struggling in this area or am I being abnormally fussy? Really, I need some truth here because I am at a complete loss. I can't even seem to find gorgeous plain white baby clothes, and I would have thought they'd be everywhere! I can't bring myself to buy my newborn scratchy unnatural fibres which rules out just about everything from the cheaper chainstores (sorry Target/ Big W) and even good old never-let-me-down DJ's delivered nought over the weekend. I did find some rather gorgeous Peter Rabbit white onesies in Myer (I love this brand) in a beautiful soft cotton, but they were sold out in all the small sizes. What's a rapidly expanding, desperate, impending mother to do??

Folks, should I even be worrying about this? Can I get away with just a handful of clothing to start, with the vision of doing a desperate shop once the baby is born? How far did YOU go with gender neutral clothing? Where did you shop?

ps. You will be pleased to know that my body has finally cottoned on to the fact that it is supposed to be not only pregnant, but in the final trimester. Just this last week, I have doubled my body weight (and number of chins), I'm tired as all buggery and just a tiny bit neurotic. I would post a picture, but I'm not sure I can fit all of myself into the one frame...;)


  1. i didn't find out the sex of any of my 3 so i too had to master the gender neutral thing.... i am not a huge fan of pale green and lemon!!

    i have recently purchased via ebay the gerber brand 'onesies'(the original onesie) from the states. i get the long sleeved onesies and they come in packs of three. really soft cotton and they wash up so so well, keeping their shape. pretty great value too - pack of 3 for about $20 inc. postage.

    newborns looks great in white. fresh and clean!

  2. Not knowing the gender would drive me crazy! You have done well to not find out! Did Fern have any little white onesies you can dig out and add to your pile? At least online shopping is easy to do from home in your pjs once baby comes along if you have a little boy!

  3. I reckon you'll get a bunch of clothes after the babe arrives as welcome to the world gifts or if not, maybe you should strongly hint this is what you'd like? I reckon a quick trip to Kmart/big w for a few white bodysuits and leggings to make sure you have a few more spare outfits may ease your mind? Perhaps given the time of year, a few gender neutral wraps would be a good investment and those are much easier to find. And I agree with Bek, if you have a boy, online shopping is always an option later. And I double agree with Peta, the gerber onesies are great, just a small fit.

    And, I'm sure you look stunning!

  4. I think you should just wait until you get buried under with clothing gifts when bub arrives. It WILL happen. Even with this latest baby, no 4, I have suddenly found my drawers over-flowing with new garments size 000. So far I have only purchased one pair of tights!

    Not knowing the sex this time did make it hard, (and annoyed me). I had one cute suit that was white with little tan doggy paw-prints all over it which I thought was cute (English brand). So I dressed her in that in hospital. White and soft browns seem to work for either gender.

    I especially am not in favour of the lemon and green stuff - makes them look sick. Even the midwife commented that it makes it hard for them to determine whether or not bub has jaundice!

    Goodluck on your finds,
    And I hope you start resting up. Getting excited for you :)

  5. I have been so indecisive about finding out the sex of our 2nd bubba in a few weeks time (we didnt with number one)! I too dont know how I would cope with not being able to shop for the one sex.. yellow and lime just dont do it for me at all!

    I am sure you will be bombarded with clothes once he/she is born though!

  6. also - grey! heaps of the stores have cute grey things in at the moment. i bought lots of grey and white before my #3 was born, figuring boy or girl, they could wear it. Add something girly or blue when needed.

    good luck!

  7. I am just over 23 weeks for my 3rd bubba. I do not know the sex of this baby, and didn't with my other two either. I just purchased enough suits to last me two weeks and then went on a huge shop after the bubs arrived. Lucky for me I had two with my second I already had everything I needed. Plus, you get a lot of presents. I wouldn't worry too much about it!! It will all come together!

  8. Hmmmm... can't really help you there hun as I found out Will was a boy (i'm no good with suprises) so I bought or was given all the boys clothes already.
    I do remember Myer has a cute brand Marquise which my mum said is a very old brand from back in her day and they have cute old fashioned white or cream stuff. But other than that I don't know.

    I say get hubby to bring the laptop into the hospital and just go online shopping mad as soon as he/she is born :) And maybe it will help those third day 'milk coming in' blues I know I suffered from, as shopping fixes everything! :)

    p.s. I had to laugh when you said you wouldn't fit into the one frame as i remember feeling like that too but I'm sure you look gorgeous!

  9. Main thing is you have done all this before, not like the first time hey? Stay safe honey. xx

  10. What about the clothes I sent? The knit jacket??? The IPood onsie (hehe) ??

  11. thanks so much for your suggestions!!! Going to check out those Gerber onesies immediately if not sooner...Louise I totally forgot about my 'IPood' Onesie!! Went immediately to dig it out... thanks possums!

  12. Seeing as you're having a winter baby, I say stock up on some more of the Wondersuits in white for those initial days. Maybe bookmark some great finds online for both boys and girls and that way you can make a few purchases once bub is born depending on what you receive as gifts...

  13. Don't sweat it - I had my Grumbles (a girl) in boy outfits early on because they were far cuter (and warmer!) than the girl offerings at the time, and she's turned out juuuuuuust fine!


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