Thursday, July 15, 2010

Let's Talk About Sex...

... the sex of your baby, that is!

Now my due date is looming closer (less than 7 weeks to go!) I've been dreaming more and more about the sex of my baby.

Girl or boy?

Technically, it's a 50/50 chance either way. I'm one of 3 girls. Dan is one of 3 boys. No clues there! Of course, I'm enjoying everyone from complete strangers to close family members having an opinion but I think its funny when they ask me what I think, as though the mother has some sort of special intuition... because the truth is, I have absolutely no idea! I don't have any particular preference either; I already have my special little girl (I desperately wanted a girl first time around) and, whilst I'd like my pigeon pair the idea of two little girls sounds rather sweet to me too!

I must admit, I was impatient the first time around, and I found out the sex as early as possible. I was desperate to start planning a nursery, a wardrobe and a name and those things were a lot easier if you knew what you were having! My planning was a lot easier once I knew, and I never had any regrets about finding out. It therefore surprised me how many people were shocked that I already knew, and wanted to know what I could possibly have to get me through my labour without the surprise at the end (um, how about meeting my beautiful daughter?!)

I haven't tried any of those old wives-tale techniques for guessing the sex of your baby - you know, like dangling your wedding-ring-on-a-string to see whether it circles or sways...

If I was pressed, I would have to admit I am getting boyish vibes this time around - the nursery definitely sways more toward a boy which was an unconscious act, and I've been looking at boys clothing in the stores without even being aware of what I'm doing. But maybe that's just a protection mechanism so I'm not shocked if something other than a girl (which Im used to) pops out.

In the end, it really doesn't matter. Boy or girl, I already know I will fall in crazily in love with it. But I must admit it's been nice to experience the surprise this time around, and I dream of the sense of anticipation I will feel as my baby arrives and I finally hear the words "it's a ...... "

Did YOU find out the sex of your baby before it was born? What were your reasons for finding out/ not finding out? Would you do it differently next time around?


  1. I had a dream the other night that you had a girl and stole my fav name (Grey)!

    She WAS cute though :-)

    (BTW I still want you to have a boy)

  2. I didn't find out what I was having with Grace as I liked the excitement of not knowing and all the guessing but as you say, the biggest excitement comes from meeting your bub for the first time and regardless of whether you know the sex of your baby, that is the most precious surprise. It's nice that you are experiencing both kaving known with Fern and not knowing with this little bub. With Grace, I had no idea what we were having - in my mind I was sure we were having a boy :)

  3. I love the way you write Nicole - so good!
    I was the same as you, I found out what I was having, never been good with suprises or waiting to open presents. I loved finding out to be able to plan and get my mind around having a boy - same as you re coming from family of girls etc.
    And I laughed when you said about people being shocked that I would find out and wonder how I would get through labour knowning - I got the same thing and I still don't understand that attitude - weird.

    I don't know what I'll do next time around, I think we'll find out, I won't be able to help myself I think. But then reading about your excitement about not knowing is making me think maybe I would wait.

    Hmmmm... what do I think you're having... maybe a boy???


  4. I found out both times.. Second time because Mick HAD to know.. I wanted a surprise..

    IF we ever have anymore Im not going to find out..

  5. How exciting, I can't wait to hear what you have and name him/her!

    We have found out the sex of little BB but have kept it completely to ourselves! Before I was pregnant we thought we would like the surprise but as soon as I fell pregnant the control freak in me just HAD to know tee hee :) I also feel that with BB being our first bubba knowing the sex has helped me a little more with the bonding process... each to their own I say but I think you're right my dear, whether you find out or not will not take away from the surprise at meeting your little bundle! x

  6. Little boys are fab Nic Nax, don't let anyone tell you otherwise... and you will definitely learn to embrace little boys clothes, I prefer them now but I might be a touch bias. Talk soon please!


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