Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This Too, Shall Pass

Flicking through one of my favourite coffee table books, Home by Anita Kaushal (read her gorgeous blog here) I had a little laugh this afternoon.

This page in particular:

The text reads:

Taste. You might find it hard to live with, but children do like tacky thing, and once upon a time so did you. Ask your mum. You might prefer something classic, but try to look at it through their eyes; the primary colours, the shape, the texture. Don't always expect them to share your enthusiasm or taste. The worst obsessions are probably a phase, and maybe better judgement will follow. But for the time being, let them enjoy the fun of it all.

So true.

When I was little, I adored some very tacky things. Including those delightful, rainbow coloured My-Little-Ponies. And here's a little secret. Recently I scoured Ebay for the vintage Mattel brand ponies from my childhood to give to Fern. Because she already adores horses and ponies and I knew she would love these original editions. But then I found these ones on sale at Coles (just $3.50!) and couldn't stop myself from adding them to the week's groceries. I may even go back for more.

Because this, too, shall pass.

And in the meantime, I'm reliving my own childhood all over again.

Do YOU have a secret soft spot for a toy from your childhood?


  1. How funny - on Saturday I posted about the book. I just adore it. I had a laugh too at the same page - because the MLP are a smash hit in our house. Miss T spends forever brushing their hair, and even Miss E is getting into it now. Miss T knows them all by name!

    Great post, and what a beautiful book!!


  2. Know what remember about our childhood and My Little Ponies? No, not that I adored them, but that you ALWAYS got to win the MLP Fashion parades!! :-(

    Once, just once, I would have loved my orange apple bum pony to win!

  3. I've been looking for a good coffee table book - might have to hunt down a copy of this one for myself after your recommendation. The whole accumulation of coloured plastic 'kiddie things' is so true - I often have to think about what Grace would prefer as opposed to how something will 'fit in' with our decor :) I used to love My Little Ponies - I noticed they'd made a comeback too :)

  4. I have to get my hands on this book, It has popped up on 3 posts I have read in the past few weeks. Looks gorgeous.

    I still have 'Goldilocks' a very yellow teddy bear that was given to me at birth and has been through everything with me!

  5. I love the idea in the book of painting (or getting painted) one's child's favourite toy. It inspired me to draw Charlotte's favourite unicorn, Lira. She then coloured it in (pink, of course). What fun!

    I love your blog,

  6. ahh those horses!! I used to love my little ponies. Do you remember when we used to have strawberry shortcake ect and her little houses x


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