Thursday, September 23, 2010

Elliott's Birth Announcement...

Elliott's Birth Announcement originally uploaded by pinkorchid_designs.
What do you think? I looked everywhere for unique card designs and finally found this one on Etsy. I'm having the announcements printed this week and sending them out thereafter... I just love the modern design and bright colours and can't wait to see them on cardstock! Yayee!

ps. Do you like the photo? I took it myself -- but getting a newborn baby nude and snapping his pic while he wees all over the couch and squirms uncomfortably is much more difficult than the professionals make it look! Note to self: next time call in the reinforcements!


  1. absolutely adorable!... oh the cards too. xo e

  2. It's an adorable photo Nicole! The announcements will look wonderful printed out :)

  3. He is gorgeous as are the announcements!

  4. They are perfect Nicole and Elliot is adorable! And I love the fact that you took the photo yourself... I bet you are excited to see them in the flesh! :) x

  5. I love the bright, celebratory feel of these fab invites. Welcome to LIFE littel fella! The photo is absolutely gorgeous! x

  6. This is so beautiful!
    I loved your birth story on hollys page as well.
    What an inspiration


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