Monday, September 27, 2010

Point & Shoot: Ode to Woo Woo!

30-odd years ago, when my sister was just a toddler, she was given a fluffy white dog on wheels with a red handle she could push him along with. She named him 'Woo Woo'.

Woo Woo has lived a fruitful life, loved throughout our childhood then dragged from house to house as nobody could bear to part with him. Sadly, he's been living the last few years neglected in my dad's back garden shed. He was scruffy and more than a little worse for wear when my dad remembered him recently and retrieved him from his dusty 'kennel'.

After a splash in the shower and a rub with a little Dove soap... Woo Woo has come up -- well -- if not as good as new, certainly closer to his original colour than he has been in many years!

When Fern visited her Granddad over the weekend, she was gifted Woo Woo to play with. And it was love at first sight. We don't have very much retained from our childhoods, my sisters and I, and it gave me much joy to see history repeating itself in this way. Long live Woo Woo!!


  1. Beautiful photos.
    Its so nice when you can pass on your own toys to your children, makes them so much more special.

  2. woo woo is so cute! and so is your little girl.
    my kids play with my toys that i had as a child also ;)
    love your photos!

  3. I loooove that you have some toys to pass on. My MIL was really good about saving my husband's toys & blankets and such & Everly's favorite blanket is her daddy's. It's so sweet. <3

    yay for Woo Woo's revival!!!

  4. Stopping by from Point + Shoot.

    Woo Woo is such a cute name :) I'd love to pass on some toys and books to BuBba but I'm not sure they've aged too well in storage over the years.


  5. O...M...G Woo Woo!!! Bloody hell, I remember riding him down the street in Copacabana as a little girl. Ah the memories! :-) Glad to see him being put to good use

  6. popping in from FMS point & shoot

    I soooooo wish they had toys around like woo woo now that I could give to my toddler!!! And Victoria said it best .... there is nothing like a passed on toy, so special xox

  7. oh he looks like fun!
    we have blankets and some clothing that were my hubby's, that my kids have all used, i think it makes them just that tiny bit more special!

  8. That is so cute! I love the name. Woo Woo. Gorgeous.


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