Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Spring = Potted Colour!

Years ago, I picked up a large stone planter bowl from a local nursery. I bought some putty and immediately filled in the drainage hole; then added some Water Lillies and other water plants. But my success with my water garden was minimal and I managed to kill every plant. 
When we were moving house, my Father in Law stole the pot and it spent some time as the sheep's water trough before I stole it back for my new garden! For the last couple of years, it has sat empty (aside from rainwater, algae and the odd tadpole) and rather lonely up on the first terrace. 

But today, Fern and I were inspired by Spring and went shopping for some potted colour! First thing this morning, we got daddy to drill some holes in the pot:

Then, we went to the nursery and selected x20 potted flowers in assorted colours along with potting mix... and this is the result!

The flowers will fill the pot within weeks... and we will have a glorious and colourful display all Summer long! Hurrah! Next, I want to fill in the section around the bowl with some low, silvery shrubs. I am so motivated now its getting warm -- my thumbs are all green-like! I think another trip to the nursery this week might be on the cards...


  1. Looks gorgeous and I love your outdoor/decking area. Looks like the perfect place to sit with a crisp glass of white while the kidlets play! :o)
    Bring on the warm weather! We have had a VERY slow start here in melbourne...

  2. I just responded to your note before seeing that you indeed made a trip to the nursery :) Looks gorgeous as does your WHOLE property my darling! x

  3. Love it Nicole, looks beautiful!

  4. It looks fab!! I always have a giggle at the 'potted colour' signs. What exactly is that? I wonder. Well, here we are... potted and colourful. x

  5. Looks great! I'm sure Fern loved helping, she's developing her green thumb early.

  6. It's so lovely - I'm all motivated to get out in the garden with this lovely spring weather too. We bought a vegie planter yesterday which I'm hoping to get started on this week. I like your idea of filling around the tub with some silvery shrubs.


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