Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fat-Free Cakes and Donuts!!

Looking for ways to brighten up your little one's play kitchen? I sure am! We scored this one from Ikea and we love it! But, with Fern still a wayward toddler, I can't really have anything that is breakable... or, that when dropped/ thrown or banged will destroy something of mine! So, I've been on the hunt for fun things that are practical as well as stylish! And, I think I've found the answer - check out these adorable, knitted items I've discovered from Lark. Each item is knitted by hand from natural cotton by women in rural Bangladesh, under fair trade conditions. And I think I love just about every item in the range, which also includes some gorgeous softies... the knitted goodies are so divine I want to gobble them up... and indeed I might - - they won't put a dent in either my purse OR my waistline!

Here are my picks, starting with the floral tea set which just might have to make a cameo in Fern's Christmas stocking... if she plays her cards right!

Pink Spotty Floral Tea Set $69.95

Knitted Cookies Play Set $35

Pink Birthday Cupcake $9.95

Knitted Doughnuts Play Set $35

Vanilla Icecream Rattle $14.95

... and for the boy-o in your life? Look no further than the Toolbelt Rattle Set  - $35: (I think Elliott might need one of these in HIS Christmas stocking!)


  1. Aw, thanks for the mention on your lovely blog! x

  2. How cute is that! I love Lark!

  3. I adore that little tool set. It always disturbs me that the plastic ones can do so much damage still...especially with a little bruiser like mine! :)

  4. oh i just adore everything about Lark products.


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