Friday, October 1, 2010

Feux Pas Friday... episode 1

so... I'm thinking, what better way to lead into each weekend than by poking a little fun at myself? The thing is; I'm a straight-shootin, tell-it-like-it-is, speak before I think kinda gal. There is often an awkward silence after I have spoken, and many of my antics demonstrate my crude lack of graduation (or enrolment, for that matter) to ladies finishing school. I figure this ought to provide easy fodder for a little light entertainment at my own expense each week. You know, keep me humble. And stuff.

This week, I didn't even open my mouth to commit my feux pas. It happened yesterday afternoon, when I was doing a cameo at work for the first time since Elliott was born. We own a retail business, hubby and I, and I try to turn up every now and again to frighten the staff do very important tasks. While my father minded Fern, I took bubby-o and ventured into the store. After bundling Elliott up in the pram, I parked him in a quiet corner and headed for my office. I must have sat down for - oh - 3 seconds when he started wailing. Damn! Elliott is the world's most placid baby, but he wasn't having a bar of it. Funny - because Fern never did, either! With resignation, I gathered him up and breast-fed him in one arm, while I worked with the other.

When it came time to leave, I ventured back out into the store. There were a few customers about, and I stopped to have a little chat with one, who is also a friend of Dan's. I then nodded politely to the other customers and asked one of Dan's new employees to assist with a task. Exuding professionalism, I sashayed out to my car. Job done!

But just as I was giving myself straps for my fine working example, I happened to glance down. The entire top section of my shirt was open, exposing the finery of my soggy pink maternity bra... heck, in my haste to finish the feed I hadn't even clipped the bra back up! Sigh. How I have stooped from my pre-baby corporate days...

Quick - have YOU committed a feux pas this week?? If you havn't -- its never too late! Have a great weekend... x


  1. I don't think I could love you any more! :) I do silly stuff all the time and will share when I can think of one but I can't right now...just a matter of time I assure you!

  2. Your stories always make me smile Nicole. I love that you can laugh at yourself. I had a similar experience this week after a doctor's appointment where I hurredly got dressed again and headed back to the car, stopping to talk to someone I bumped into that I knew on the way. As I sat in the car, I discovered my shirt half unbuttoned too with my bra exposed - I didn't have the breastfeeding excuse though!! Oops :)


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