Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What to Do With All Those Old Buttons...

First of all, can I just thank each and every one of my lovely readers who offered their advice and support the other day with regard to Fern's teething woes. Your support really helped a lot, and I am ordering an amber teething necklace from Ebay based on YOUR recommendations. Fern is so much better a few days on; last night she actually slept the entire night without a single call-out, perhaps that is why I had to energy to be creative rather than creep back into bed when she did this afternoon!

This morning I woke up to the bleak sound of rain spattering on my window, and, with no plans for the day, decided a craft project was just the thing to keep the boredom at bay (for an hour, anyhow!) Flipping through my inspiration folder, I came across an idea I've meant to try for ages:

Button Artwork!

If you are like me, you have a large jar of unwanted buttons salvaged from old clothing along with the spares from new. I rarely do anything with these buttons (I will admit out loud right now that if I lose a button on an item of clothing, that item inevitably ends up at the charity shop or in the cupboard for literally years before I give up and send it to the charity shop too). Thrifty, I am not.

So, Fern and I ventured today to Hot Dollar for a super-expensive piece of art canvas ($3.50) and the odd roll of sushi... mmmmm, sushi. Tuna and Avocado. With too much soy-sauce.


After lunch, I popped Fern down for a nap, and pulled out my ole jar 'o' buttons and some craft glue. An hour later, instant artwork!! Check it out:

Too easy! I meant to sew the buttons on using turquoise coloured cotton, but it ultimately seemed like way too much work. I could also have pre-painted the canvas. Again, too much work. I simply played around with the layout of the buttons I selected, then glued them on with a bit of PVA craft glue.

And I'm pretty darn happy with the result!

Do you like? What crafty ideas have been sitting in YOUR files awaiting a rainy day? x


  1. I love odd buttons...such a great idea and looks so cute tucked in with your photo frames. (i like the little silver bird)

  2. Super dooper cute. It looks luminous where it sits thanks to the light and the colour of the canvas.

    Oh, and I'm excellent at sewing buttons so you should send your clothes to me, it'd be cheaper! :)

    Glad little Miss Fern is feeling better. Sebastian got a tooth the other day but with all the other bleurgh that had been going on I hadn't realised it was teeth too. I seriously think teething is horrible for everyone.


  3. I love that , might have to give it a go myself .Thanks for the idea.

  4. That is gorgeous. Great idea. I know what I will be doing on my next rainy day!!

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