Thursday, July 22, 2010

What's On YOUR Fridge?

For want of anything better to blog about this afternoon, I thought I'd join in on a bit of frolicky fridge-fun from Maxabella Loves.

Thankfully, there is nothing too embarrassing on my fridge; perhaps its even just a tiny bit too precocious in its minimalist frivolity. Missing are the magnetised Telstra bills, discount petrol vouchers and party invites... in it's place, some very fun magnetic containers from Ikea filled with lollies, a few magnetic words (magnets from Early Learning Centre), a picture of my unborn and a few happy snaps of my little Fern-Lucinda!

The evidence:
I think a much more telling game would be 'what's INSIDE your fridge' -- mine would show about 6 million litres of milk, some mouldy fruit n veg, half a packet of Thins, an assortment of mustards, every variety of cheese, a jar of pickles and some naughty dairy delights. In no particular order, and on terribly in-need-of-a-wipe glass shelves. What does this say about me?

On a similar note, I always think it is quite funny when you read those celebrity 'What's in Your Handbag' articles in Cosmo-esque magazines... there's always some designer sunnies, the latest Iphone and Ipod, a gorgeous cosmetics bag filled with expensive beauty products, a digital camera and a set of keys on a Tiffany keyring. Mine would show a sandwich bag of baby wipes, a tube of Paw-paw ointment, some balled up lolly wrappers, a pair of sunnies with one slightly askew arm, a box of sultanas, and 26 invaluable pieces of paper that cannot be thrown out. It IS a gorgeous handbag, though - a tan leather Wayne Cooper number I got for Christmas that cleverly hides the mess and debris that lies within. Love that!

Oh, and can I send a shout-out to LJ at My Own Two Hands in gratitude for the Sunshine Award she awarded me recently. Thankyou! I am supposed to pass on 7 things you may not know about me... but I'll save that for tomorrow; I can hear 'get-me-up' noises emanating from my daughter's room. Until then! x


  1. I like your fridge with it's few homely pieces that add character without looking cluttered. Ours is even barer than yours with it's one lonely magnet holding up 'Grace's artwork' from playgroup. I love how you have a few favourite snaps of Grace and bub #2 and I love your idea of those containers with goodies in them!!! Would be very tempting though :) As for what's inside my fridge - I'd be scared to share that. My shelves also are in desperate need of a good wipe and I have no idea what's hidden behind half of the things in there :) Enjoy your afternoon with little Fern. P.S Thanks for your kind comment yesterday xx

  2. How funny you should post this my dear... I cleaned out and wiped down the shelves in our fridge just last night! I too LOVE those magnetic containers... I might have to get me some... on second thoughts, it would probably tempt me much more than I need to be (although you are a good girl with the dried apricots) :P x

  3. Thanks for joining in the Chronicles. The 'boy or girl' beside the ultrasound is beyond sweet. Oh and I love the cookbook shelf above your fridge!

  4. I want your fridge .... I just hopped over from The Fridge Hop lol.. and now I'm totally jealous of your fridge .... its shiny and neat ... unlike mine that has kids messing with it on a daily basics .... thanks for sharing your fridge

  5. Those containers are fab!!!!

  6. You definately have the most stylish fridge circulating blogland :o) Love the 'boy or girl' letters beside the ultrasound.

    You must have great restraint to have choccies and other goodies on display though. They wouldnt last a minute on my fridge!

    I cant remember if I have asked you this already but when is your bubba due? I just had my 20 week scan :o)

  7. You are all v sweet to assume restraint in having lollies on display on my fridge... unfortunately I can assure you that an obscene amount of licorice allsorts have disappeared out of those jars in recent weeks! Supply cannot keep up with demand!!!

    Jess, Im due end of Aug and am 35 weeks tomoz. Kind of in denial!! You dont know what you are having either, do you?

  8. I'm embarrassed to have posted my scruffy ol' fridge now -- yours is SO cool. Love the lolly containers tho my gremlins would have those off and empty in 30 secs.

  9. When I was little my mom would put up my drawing's on our fridge. I loved it that she would show off my work.



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