Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Circus Themed Baby Shower!

This gorgeously girlie circus-themed baby shower was featured recently on Style Me Pretty, and I thought it was too special not to share! I'm loving the pink and orange colour scheme, the handmade decorations, the beautiful flowers and THAT TENT!

Of course, its gloriously OTT and the sort of thing that really only works in magazines (or if you have friends in the business of events/ styling with way too much time on their hands - which this lucky pregnant lady did!) but I think there are lots of individual ideas you could steal for your own shower!

Enjoy the feast of images below and view more here:


  1. I agree those colours are amazing...that is one beautiful baby shower!!!

  2. Very cool. Do you think my niece and neice/nephew will love the fact they have an aunt who was actually IN a circus???


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