Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's the Small Things...

Over the weekend, we bought an Aussie quintessential Hills Hoist. Well, a foldout one anyway. For some reason, its taken us 4 years to get around to purchasing a clothesline -- there just always seemed something more exciting or pressing to buy and our corner block doesn't really lend itself to subtle clothes drying. Aesthetics are important, people!

So, greenie that I am (not!) I dried my washing on an indoor foldout line, or used the dryer. And its been driving me nuts for years! Never enough space, for one thing. And when baby-o came along it just about sent me over the edge. 867 onesies strung up over every available piece of furniture is far from glam when visitors arrive unannounced.

So, we took a family trip to dear Bunnings and bought the Hills Hoist. We mounted it on the back of the timber outdoor screen in the courtyard. Which we should have done a year ago, when it was built. And I proceeded to do a load of washing so I could road test it out. People, this thing has rocked my world! Admittedly I am getting nought-enough sleep and strange things inspire great delight right at the mo, but that happy line of sunshine-scented delicates waving softly in the afternoon breeze was enough to make my head spin!

Today it rained and my first thought was "damn, I won't get to use my clothes line!"

It's the small things.

What's something small that's rocked YOUR world, this week?


  1. I have lived without a clothesline for 4 years too! And now our house is for sale and there is no way im putting one in!
    One of the things I am most excited about, is moving to a new place with a clothesline (if it doesnt have one, this time its the first thing to go in!) - and not having a clotheshorse permanently set up in the spare room!
    Ah, this post has put a smile on my face, I cant believe there is someone else who has done it. hehe. x

  2. I'd be lost without my clothesline - there's nothing like seeing a load hanging out there in the sunshine. My trouble is when it rains as I don't have a dryer and so I try and cram a whole load's worth of washing on a little drying rack :)


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