Friday, September 17, 2010

Pictures of 'You'...

Have you noticed that babies and children love to see pictures of themselves? When Fern was a baby and I was looking at ways of distracting her out of a trying mood, I'd wander with her around the house pointing out photos of family members by name. 

"That's Poppy, and that's Nanny and look, that's you when you were born!"

Nowadays of course, Fern can point to the pictures herself and takes great delight in pointing out people she loves.

Me: Who's that?
Fern: Nanny!

Me: Yes! And who's that?
Fern: Poppy!

Me: Yes! And who's that?
Fern: You!

Well, yes.......

Have a lovely weekend... xo


  1. a lovely collage of prints...we love photos also and i have made some little albums for my little one to play with : Our day at the museum, Our day at Seaworld, What did we discover at the beach etc they live on his little book shelf and he just sits and looks at them like books. cute.
    Happy weekend to you...

  2. Hahaha funny Fern, there the things you miss once there gone. Coop used to call an ambulance an was very's a shame when they have to grow up!

  3. That is so cute - she was definitely paying attention to what you were saying :)


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