Thursday, November 25, 2010

Three Magic Words

Everyone knows that actions speak louder than words... and, since the day they were born I have showered my children with more kisses, cuddles, belly-raspberries and tickles than there are stars in the sky to demonstrate my love for them.

But to me there is an unsurmountable poetry to those three basic words:

 I. Love. You. 

As a mother, my heart literally feels as though it could explode, such is the power of the feeling I have toward my children. To me though, the words speak just as loud as the actions, and I tell my children I love them each and every day.

And of course, their cuddles and kisses and the way their little faces light up when they look at me speak volumes of love right back. I hope and pray it will always be this way and that I will share a pure and wonderful relationship with them for the rest of my life. I see no reason why I can't !

The other day, I was changing my 23 month-old daughter's nappy. She was lying on the changetable, squirming about (as per usual) when she suddenly stopped, looked up at me and said clearly and simply: "I love you".

Totally unprovoked. And for the very first time.

Santa, you've already brought me my Christmas present. I can't see how anything you could bring me could top that.

Fern, I love you too. So much. Thankyou for blessing me with the family I always dreamed of and filling my heart with so much joy. You (to steal the words from a dodgy movie) complete me.

Can you remember the first time your child told you they loved you? Did your heart melt like an icecream in the sun?

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  1. We share a similar story growing up. My mum is not the affectionate type but we did feel her love for us by working real hard to raise us 3 girls all by herself. Not sure if it's because I'm a SAHM with lots of time spent with my kid, but i do say those 3 words every night & most of the time. I can't help it too. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. That's so sad to hear Nicole especially when your devotion to your own children is so evident... I too cant imagine anything less then complete love for my two girls.

    How gorgeous that Fern told you when you weren't expecting it. Unfortunately I cant remember the first time my little girl said it. Luckily though there's hardly a day that goes by without her saying it, unprompted, just as it pops into her head she says it out loud to me.
    Flick x

  3. How lovely you will always remember the first time Fern said "I love you". I don't remember with my kids, but I am also one of those "I love you/you are awesome, blah blah blah" 100 times a day mums, so that has rubbed off on them and they are also very affectionate. I wonder when my frequent declarations will start to annoy them?

  4. Wow, that is so lovely, I can't wait til mine start telling me the same thing!

  5. My boys tell me a lot ,well maybe the 14 year old has slowed down a bit. I don't think my mum has ever told me she loves me.But she's been a great mum and SHOWED love in lots of ways . Maybe its the generation, I really don't know.

  6. want a perfect moment. i dream of the day i can hear those three words leave my sons mouth - just beacause he truly does.. love.

    i too grew up in a household where words or signs of affection were seldom felt or heard & like yourself, now that im a mother it's absolutely beyond me how some can raise kids without wanting to smother them with love!

  7. WHat a lovely post. I feel for you that you never got that love as a child...but what an amazing mother you are to your own lucky children.

    My eldest tells me often that she loves me, and at the most random times. I never tire of hearing those words. Most recently my 22 month old has started to say "Love you Mamma" and it melts me.

  8. Tears, Nicole. There is nothing on earth like those words from your beloved babies. x

  9. Oh how precious!! I can't wait for Grace to do the same x


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