Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A bit dotty about this book!

You know when every now and again, just the cover of a book is enough to have you clicking on Amazon to pre-order immediately? For me this morning, it's the discovery of this book:

... that has me reaching for my credit card! I already stalk Tiff's blog regularly for crafty, arty eye-candy; this woman is seriously inspiring.

dottie angel lives in a run down cottage over looking the sea.

she has two airstream trailers in the yard, one is her studio and the other stores her vast collection of vintage notions... her eight children are home schooled and spend the day outside running barefoot and their evenings sitting by the fireplace, learning ancient crafting technics. they never talk back to their mother and always smile... she has several chickens, seven rescued greyhounds and a bearded dragon named STIG... dottie spends most days dressed in an old vintage slip that belonged to her grandmother, that she customized. she thinks to herself, surely everyone dreams of living this life, or at least dressing like they do...
Tif lives in suburbia, is a Brit, a mother of four kids who talk back and a wife. she wears a customized slip and dreams of living dottie angel's life...

See? I can only find the book here, but I'm hoping I can order from my local bookshop. Like, yesterday if not sooner. What books have you stumbled upon lately that have lifted your spirits? 


  1. How gorgeous is this book!!
    Not sure if you know the shop Lark but they were selling it online - might be worth a look to see if they still have any.
    Have my fingers crossed for you!

  2. Oh it looks absolutely beautiful! And I SO understand that urge to just spend spend spend on the credit card when I spot a lovely new book. Though for me, unfortunately it is not only reserved for books... I'm a bit of a shopaholic ;o)


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