Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fern's Playsuit. Thoughts?

Folks, I need your constructive feedback... recently, whilst fossicking about in the op-shop for some funky buttons... I found some even funkier patterns. VINTAGE patterns, friends. Of the most adorable children's clothing. Amongst them -- this playsuit:

Needless to say, I had to whip one up. Immediately, if not sooner. And so I did. With my fabby MIL to help me, cos one thing I have never quite been taught is how to decipher vintage patterns ("baste? what the heck is basting"?!). It might look easy, but it kinda wasn't. There are a billion bits to this pattern, and its all beautifully lined inside. After sewing the straps about 200 times (pick - unpick - pick - unpick) I was almost over it, but I reckon the finished product was worth a day of pain. Almost. 

In truth , I think this playsuit is pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen. Certainly on my ever-obliging daughter, Fern! With ruffled sleeves, gathered leg holes, mismatching buttons and that delightful "bloomery" shape, I want to make one in every fabric for Fern to get about in this Summer!

But my question to you is --- should I make these for my store? I see them as appropriate from babies to toddlers and beyond (Fern is almost 3!) and would make them in various sizes. I think the suits are cute-as-a-boot but would you buy one for YOUR daughter if you saw one? And if so... how much would you pay for one? I truly want your honest feedback! Obviously there are limitless possibilities for fabrics and Id probably make them in bright colours for Summer. Mismatched buttons optional! Anyway. I'd appreciate your thoughts. Thanks in advance!! x


  1. Yes!!!
    If I had a daughter!
    It's super cute.

  2. OLIVE NEEEEEEEEEDSSSSS ONE!! I'm making something like this for her at the mo (read last 3 months) but not as beautiful! YES, i would buy one! It is really sweet- ruffled sleeves, too cute!


  3. Yes please!!! I can pre-order right now. LURVE it!

  4. Well, I don't have a daughter but I would def buy this as a gift. I guess your real question is 'can YOU do it'? If they take so long to make (and I know obviously yo would get better and better and faster at it) is it worth the time and cost. Would you get that back with what you would charge for it??

  5. Absolutely adorable. A big yes from me :)

  6. I think it's very, very cute! Nice one. Love playsuits for the wee ones... also for boys (which I have)when they're more on the tailored side :)
    Have ordered a couple of similar-looking infant ones in gingham and plain for the new bub, I think I paid around $30ish...

  7. YES YES YES ... please make these - I love a vintage playsuit. My youngest would wear one of these every day if given the chance!!

  8. thank you all sooooo much for this invaluable feedback! I think I WILL make a few of these.... yes, I do! If you are interested, just send me an email and I'll customise something just for you! xox

  9. Love it. These are also really great shots of fern. Tell her everyone is wearing playsuits in bondi!


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