Monday, February 6, 2012

Pastel Cupcakes...

There is nothing like a plate of brightly iced, individually papered little cakes to bring out the inner child in all of us... today I'm inspired by all things 'cupcake'! Here are some pastel-paletted cupcake themed ideas for YOUR next little girl's birthday party! My personal have is the individually personalised naming bracelet which at US$3 would be a shame not to buy for each little party-princess and her guests? I think I'll grab one for Fern - at that price, it would be a tragedy not to! The final two images are my most recent cupcake- themed additions to my store... it's not the first time I've wished Fern was a baby again so I could try these ones on her! Enjoy these picks and have a lovely week....
ps. Tomorrow I have a very special project to share with you that I am proud to be involved in and that I am hoping you will support! xx

Handmade party hats, buy for $25 here
Ceramic cupcake stand, buy here for $35
Printable cupcake wrappers, buy here for $4.50
Fluttering flag cupcake toppers $20 here
Sparkly cupcake brooch, $15 here
Personalized naming bracelet, $3 here

Cupcake party printables, $16 here
Cupcake fabric ruffled bloomers/ singlet set, $32 here

Ruffled bloomers/ singlet singlet, $32 here


  1. Oooo yes, I love all things cupcake too Nicole :o) Beautiful images, especially the last one. Someone very clever must have made that singlet, gorgeous! xo

  2. I do think a pastel theme is such a sweet idea for a girls party, it all looks so pretty. I love those cute ruffled pants, I wish my girls were babies too. x


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