Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Way to Brighten up a Dreary Day

When it's bleak outside I get a little depressed... I don't like the cold. Or cloudy, dark, dank days... I like sunshine. Blue sky. Warmth, friends! We all know Summer was a little tempestuous, to say the least. There was an awful lot of gray and rain, and not nearly enough opportunities to appreciate the outdoors I reckon!

A few days ago when Fern was at preschool, Elliott and I took matters into our own hands and decided to brighten things up a little. We hit the nursery. And bought these trinkets:

a bright lime green hanging lantern

bright pink flowers for the table

A new Adirondack chair (from the Jamie Durie range)

A set of three tables (bargain $20 each from Freedom - not intended for outdoors but powder coated metal and at that price, who cares if I only get a year out of them?!) 

New tables close up - sorry, sun ironically shining as I snapped these pics!
... and I felt instantly happier! Nothing like a bit of colour to brighten MY spirits! What brightens YOURS  when its bleak outside?


  1. I LOVE your outdoor area - it's fantastic! THe splashes of colour look great as well - looks like a happy place. :D

  2. Oh beautiful! Love it all! You have such a nice backyard area. Loving the green and lime colour choices too. I am with you, sunshine, blue sky and warmth ANY day. Good work in brightening up your mood xo

  3. What great purchases - that lantern is super cute and adds a nice pop of colour x

  4. Beautiful work.
    Your outdoor area looks extremely inviting - sunshine or not.
    :-) x

  5. Your courtyard looks like the perfect spot, rain or shine! The tables are lovely, especially with the sun shining through them. x

  6. I just wanted to let you know that you have a beautiful backyard.



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