Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Bit of 'Bottom' Humour

This evening, as I was rocking the two-kids-and-an-adult-squeezed-into-the-shower thing (and to think I used to spend hours luxuriating in a hot bath with soy candles and a magazine once upon a time - humph!) I had my back to the kids, letting the hot water run down the front of my face when I felt a sensation on my, you know, posterior.

Swivelling my neck about-face to see what was going on, I bear witness to little faces each buried into one of my, you know, posterior cheeks blowing raspberries.

After a moment, each child came up for air, laughing harder than I think I've ever heard either of them laugh before. They took a breath, and buried their faces into my, you know, posterior again to blow more raspberries. Cue more raucous laughter.

Humph. In such inappropriate (but ok, kinda funny) situations, its hard to know whether to scold or laugh along with them. I chose option B.

Little rapscallions...

What have YOUR little munchkins got up to lately that blurred the lines between naughty and funny?


  1. oh my goodness. You just had me 'loling' if you will.


    xo em

  2. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha gasp! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! ha! X

  3. That's hilarious! Our latest naughty/funny issue is Grace doing 'outfit changes' in the middle of the night - last week it was her fairy costume and crown, a few days later baths and a sunhat :)

  4. Ha ha ha!!
    That's gorgeous.
    I think!!!!
    :-) xx

  5. That is sooo funny! bahahaha


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