Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nik the Mountain Bike Chick

Over the weekend, I competed in my very first mountain biking endurance event. Just 60 km's through the Southern Highlands of NSW between me, 750-odd other riders and the finish line. Piece of caaaaake! 

You might recall I was panicking about my somewhat lacklustre training regime during the leadup to the event, and I never quite got around to doing a 60km training ride before the actual day. But I do a fair few spin classes, I have a home trainer and I did get out onto the trails as much as I could in between feeding the milk-machine that is my 10-month-old... and somehow all of that plus my fierce determination and competitive nature paid off!

It took me 3 hours and 40 minutes but I finished and even came a respectable 13th in my women's category of 58 riders to my surprise and delight. I won't lie - it was hard, and I've never been more grateful to see a finish line in my life! But I had a ball and best of all finally gained some confidence in my own ability. Baby or not, the moral of this story is to not make excuses, chase your dreams and believe you can do it!

So... what goal are you going to set yourself in the coming months?

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