Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Stripy Wall for the New Nursery!

When I woke up this morning (at 5am -- thanks, Fern) and heard the rain outside, I knew today was the day to get cracking on painting a stripy feature wall in my baby-to-be's nursery!

I had already purchased the paint over the weekend, so I was good to go. Fern and I had our first jammies-all-day day, and didn't actually get dressed til 3.30 this afternoon, when we donned our gumboots and went singing in the rain!

Here's a looksy at the old plain-jane wall (with all the nursery crap piled in front of it - hey - Ive got 13 weeks to get my act together!)
The preparation for the stripe wall was a piece of cake really, I mean it only took about 3 HOURS to pencil and tape my (somewhat dubious) straight lines. All those helpful how-to websites failed to mention the possibility of a wall that turns out not to be entirely straight, and the poor leveller had a meltdown! I eventually abandoned it, and went back to my trusty ruler instead. Actually, the taping part wasn't as bad as I thought - it was the penciling that kinda did my head in.

And the final result? See for yourself!

NB: the colour I have used for the stripe is Taubmans Opal Mist, and the rest of the room is Dulux Whisper White....

I am totally chuffed with how my stripy wall came out! I didn't even drop too much paint on the floor! Now, I'm going to add my embroidery-hoops to the wall and work on finishing the rest of the nursery. Next stop - the nursery mobile!

Stay tuned..... x


  1. I LOVE it! Can you come over and do a stripy wall when I get preg with our 2nd? :)
    It looks fantastic, well done. can't wait to see it all come together!

    p.s. the yo yo maker I bought was only $9.95, it's the small size.

  2. I LUUUURVE IT and am hoping to use a similar colour as I think it is quite gender neutral... if we have a girl I can add pinks accents and if we have a boy I can add reds etc. Do you know what you are having my dear? x

  3. L-O-V-E IT !!! Fantastic job honey...and perfect colour choice ...great for boy or girl! x

  4. oh, it's beautiful! what a mammoth effort - and with a little tot to look after too. you are a supermum :)

  5. oh wow! that is awesome!!
    i cant wait to see the whole nursery put together!
    sal x

  6. Looks FANTASTIC Nicole - I'm super impressed. Wasn't sure if you should have relied on that 'trusty' ruler of yours after the fridge dilema but obviously it did the trick this time and the stripes look perfect! Love the colour (funny, I was looking at a sample of that colour paint this morning at Bunnings!) - can't believe you've only got 13 weeks to go!! Exciting! x

  7. Great work Nicole - I'm very inspired. Now I just need the house to paint and the bub to go in the room when done. Might have to wait a little longer for both of those thnkgs.

  8. DE-LISH! I love, love, love, love, love it. The bebito's room is painted that colour but the Mr wouldn't let me do stripes. What a lovely sunny room your little person is brought home to!

  9. Looks awesome Nicole!

    Love the colour and good on your with your ruler efforts! I would have thrown in the towel for sure.



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