Monday, August 9, 2010

Print Love

Hope you had a lovely weekend! Can't believe its Monday already, I had barely gotten started bossing my hubby around on stuff that NEEDS to be done immediately if not sooner!... The count-down is on; I now have less than three weeks to finish feathering my nest in preparation for my new baby and this week's obsession is... wall prints! You might remember I already painted a stripey wall which I then decorated with some fabric screens (will reveal the finished wall and the room for that matter soon, promise!) I'm really happy with that particular wall, so now I'm considering how to decorate the one adjacent to it, which is a little...well... dull, at present. I'm picturing a little grouping of cute prints, possibly mixed with some painted wooden alphabet letters. But I'm considering waiting to see what I have so I don't change my mind about my choice of colours!

In the meantime, I've been conducting a little research - you know, to save time once the baby is born! Here are a few of the faves on my shortlist I thought I'd share with you. There would have been more, but these ones took 47 years to load as it was.

Available here from Aussie designer and bloggy friend Janette from My Sweet Prints for US $22

By Barking Bird Art. Available here for US$18

By Sugar Fresh. Available here for US $20
By Dazey Chic. Available here for $23

By Trafalgar Square. Available here for $7
By Evie the Elephant. Available here for $27

What do you think? Have you seen any gorgeous prints lately floating about that would be perfect in a nursery? What adorns YOUR nursery/ child's bedroom walls?


  1. Morning Nicole,
    These are all very sweet and I just checked out the stripey! if you have time take a look at the very cute prints over at The Lark (posted today) so cute for a little girl and I love the candy bags.

  2. Thanks for posting my Bedtime Bus Roll hun! I love the print 'happier than a bird with a french fry' that is SOOOO cute! Have a lovely monday, Jxx

  3. I have Janette's Bedtime Bus Roll and LOVE it - makes me happy each time I walk past it :) I really like that Sugar Fresh print too and the bird and french fry one is so cute!! There's so many lovely prints to be found on Etsy. Have fun searching and can't wait to see the big nursery reveal!! x

  4. Hey Nicole! I've been making some fabric art - just stapling cute fabrics onto a canvas. Fabric like this could look cute in the nursery: Antonia x

  5. LOVE these prints! Especially the Dream Big one.. I recently bought a gorgeous cushion for Izzy's big girls bed that says 'Dream big, Little One' by Robin & Mould on Etsy.

    Cant wait to see the end result x

  6. So funny you should post this. Check out todays post and hopefully you will find something you like!! Those you featured are gorgeous!

  7. Love this selection, Nicole. The bed time bus roll is great, and I know that last one would be a big hit in our house :)

  8. Are you teasing us with the nursery pics? I am clicking on the dashboard link but the post isnt there :(

    I know, I am tragic but I seriously cant wait to see what you have created!

  9. That elephant is adorable. Just saying.

    Good luck!

  10. What happened to the wall decal I gave you for xmas???...


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