Monday, December 20, 2010

Now I am 16 Weeks...

Today, my little baby boy is 16 weeks old...

Nothing much has changed. Still breathtakingly gorgeous... still making my heart melt like an icecream in the sun... still vomiting all over me at every opportunity... still wanting to use my boob as a dummy before bedtime... still growing at an alarming rate... still gooing and gaahing... still standing firmly on his own feet like he wants to walk... still watching the world incredulously...

oh but there are a few exciting developments this month: swatting at objects overhead. waving his hands around. grabbing at things. sucking his fists like they are a juicy steak. rolling over and contorting himself 360 degrees. blowing raspberries.

But the most pivotal?

Sleeping through the night.

Well, most nights anyway. Yup, he's a keeper, this one. Here's to our first Christmas together. And to loving you like buggery, little boy-o. xo


  1. Happy 16 weeks Elliott. Just a tad jealous of the sleeping through the night ;) My little boy did one 10 hour night, then followed that up with 6 wake ups in 8 hours!!! They like to keep you guessing.

  2. The picture of him and his sissy - ooooh melt my heart. I have a feeling he's going to make that face at her often growing up, when she tries to nuzzle him in front of all his guy friends ;)

  3. 16 weeks already? Where does the time go? Elliot, you are gorgeous and I'm so glad you are letting your Mama get her rest x

  4. omg so cute!!!!!!! can't wait to see you guys Saturday

  5. What a (super cute!) champ! I don't care what anyone says, a sleeping baby is much cuter than a non-sleeping baby!!! x

  6. Such cute pics! Love the one of Fern cuddling Elliot :)

  7. Oh Eli your growing so damn fast. I bet you don't even fit into the pressies I may or may not have sent you today :-)

    Oh and Nicole, now that you and Dan have bth deleted your FB accounts I demand mose pic postings here so I can have my distant Auntie fix

  8. Awww, happy 16th week lil man!
    Our boys are exactly 2 weeks a part. Nathan is 18 wks today so I totally know what you mean. Time seems to be passing by so quickly and they're developing into their own lil personalities so fast.

  9. Yes that's right where does the time go!! He is super sweet :-) Making me jealous I want a bubba again!!!


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