Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My New Keyring

As if I wasn't already well aware of how much I've changed since becoming a mum...

Two years ago, I bought a new car. So excited was I, that I drove an hour out of my way specifically to visit an Oroton store to buy a keyring. I had to have it. An essential must-have to match my shiny new car, I thought. I don't remember how much it was, but I'm certain it was TOO much.

Today I got a new keyring.

I spent $6.50 on it.

And it's so deliciously daggy, but I love it. I succumbed to one of those online photo companies who was having a 30% off sale on photo products. I normally grab my 12c prints and ignore the other offers. I've never really wanted to see my mug on a mug, thanks.

But I got to choose the shape, the colours, the background, you can even add text! And at this point, I should admit that I might in fact have bought a second one that says "go daddy go" for Dan. It seemed sort of rude not to.

Anyway. I left the Oroton ring on for old times, but I can't help but think my new one is a whole lot more fun...

What have YOU 'personalised' for yourself/ a gift?


  1. Thats so cute. I just bought a bunch of embroidered towels from 'stuck on you'. They are white with names embroidered on them. I bought them for my boys and also nephews and neices for christmas,and they were so cheap $25 I think.Feeling so organised!

  2. How Funny! I few years back now, we bought a new car. We ended up going with Hubby's choice (as they no more about cars), but as part of the compromise, I was then aloud to purchase a new OROTON key ring - the exact same as yours!

    I thought it was a fair deal. Great 'girly' minds think a like!

  3. That is definitely adorable! My splurges ... I love purses. I'm lucky that I like big purses, since now all the baby stuff fits in them :) Other than that, recently I've been a little too practical, except for some shiny toenail polish :)

  4. That's really cute! And I think it goes really well with the Oroton key ring hehehehehe.... old life/new life sort of thing :)

  5. That is super dooper cute - I love your key ring!

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