Monday, December 5, 2011

A little Christmas Frivolity for you...

Happy Monday, folks! Did you put up your Christmas tree over the weekend? We bravely did -- though I only have about 8 decorations on mine and they are all only on the top couple of branches! Elliott and Fern broke 3 glass baubles (you know, the handblown ones I picked up on my travels through Europe -- easily replaceable NOT) before I had a chance to remove them from the kitchen table. They were in a box, but that didn't stop them. I unpacked the felt and plastic ones only and the rest are still in boxes on the kitchen table because I can't bring myself to pack them away! And to think it was only a few years ago my tree was all silver and clear glass decorations only -- these days I have techno, multicoloured LED lights blinking merrily and I wouldn't have it any other way!

This morning I got up to discover Elliott wrapped in lights from the Christmas tree... oooops.

Anyway, 8 decorations or not, the tree is UP and that's good enough for me!

We took the kids to get their Santa photo yesterday. Elliott wore this bow- tie, (which coincidently was featured on the front page of Etsy on Friday and made me dance with joy - front page of Etsy, are you kidding me?!):

Bubby Makes Three - available here

... and Ferny wore this top, with a matching polka dot skirt:

by Bubby Makes Three. Available here

... and they both looked tres adorable, even if I DO say so myself!

The wreath is on the door and it MUST be Christmas, because I am literally surrounded by thousands of pieces of torn fabric at the moment filling wreath orders... I had to withdraw the wreath from my stores because I simply could not fill any more! Here's the latest to materialise from my studio (which, by the way is now complete complete complete and is completely rocking my world -- reveal to come very very shortly, I promise!!) Next year I'll start making those wreaths in September!

copyright Bubby Makes Three 2011
I havn't even thought about - let alone started - my Xmas shopping. I'm not panicking.... ok, I am. A bit. 

But I want to leave you today with a special little something I prepared just for you. Merry Christmas!!

Click here to view. It's worth it, I promise. xx


  1. Gorgeous - everything around here is gorgeous!!
    Including that link - hee hee.

  2. Those precious outfits... divine! Well done you on the Christmas wreaths, you are so clever... you may need to start employing some staff to keep up with demand.
    Your Christmas decorating sounds a little like mine. We did ours today and I've got a post ready to go, with the good and the not-so-good moments. Ahh, I guess it's ALL good to look back on :o)
    And don't panic, I'm way behind on Christmas shopping too... that's what the mad dash is all about ;o) xo


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